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Priva Digital Services are a comprehensive suite of cloud-based digital solutions which deliver greater accessibility, scalability and resilience to you – and your buildings.

Are your buildings future-ready? With Priva Digital Services, you’re not only future-proofing your estate, you’re putting yourself in control. Our comprehensive suite of cloud-based digital solutions delivers greater accessibility, scalability and resilience to you – and your buildings – than ever before.


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Learn the secrets to 'fast-track' digital transformation

Unravel the insights that will guide most companies in developing a tailored digital transformation plan for their buildings.

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Our packages

Priva offers a variety of packages to meet your organisation’s needs. You can power up your package by selecting extra applications and we’ll make sure your services are kept completely secure and up-to-date.

  • The Starter package
  • The Essentials package 
  • The Plus package 

All packages contain Priva Building Operator as a core functionality.

Customer Stories

Buildings with Priva Digital Services

Find out how others have been able to optimize their buildings with some of our solutions.

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MPS Emily Brontë: Remote management for European sailing
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