Priva Customizable Dashboard: Your complete data overview

A complete overview of your data at a glance

With Priva’s Customizable Dashboard you easily design a tailored overview of your building data. Choose your own images, tables and data. Say goodbye to long searches through different systems. This feature allows you to create a complete overview of the necessary data – at a glance.


Priva’s Customizable Dashboard offers a complete overview of your building data in one single page. No need to navigate through multiple pages to reach the data you want – saving you valuable time. Decide how to visualize your data and easily edit it yourself.

The feature automatically scales to any device the dashboard is viewed on. That way, whether you would like to keep track of a set of measurements during commissioning or want to keep an overview of the room temperature – all data is available at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you are.


Understand how you will benefit

Discover what the benefits are for you and your building

Save time

No need to endlessly search for your data.

Clear overview

Present your data in one, clear overview

Easy and quick

Easily and quicly create a complete dashboard for commissioning purposes

Anytime, anywhere

Your data is available at all times, on any device.

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The dashboard stands independent from the Top Control database. So, there is no recommissioning necessary in order to make changes to the dashboard. Just choose the datapoints you want to visualize in Priva Building Operator and group them as you like.

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