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Customer stories Horticulture

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Category Year
Priva Van Egmond Operator
How Van Egmond Matricaria benefits from Priva Operator
  • Van Egmond
  • 2022
De Vreede Holland
Sustainable energy and heat management at De Vreede Holland
  • De Vreede Holland
  • 2022
Queen – a/s Knud Jepsen about Priva Operator
  • Queen – a/s Knud Jepsen
  • 2022
KP Holland
KP Holland benefits from reliable climate control and water management system with Priva Connext
  • KP Holland
  • 2022
Greenhouse Tomato Plant
Accurate control of climate, water, energy and labor management systems at Truly Green
  • Truly Green Farms
  • 2022
Green Tomatoes
Roots Growers about Priva Operator
  • Roots Growers
  • 2022
Plant Leaf
New Compass and Priva Connected for Cravo greenhouse at Oderings Nurseries & Garden Centres
  • Oderings Garden Centre
  • 2021
Leaf of Cucumber Plant
New Priva Compact CC for H&L Hydroponics
  • H&L Hydroponics
  • 2021
Damien Leguern
Damièn opts for efficient and reliable water disinfection
  • Damièn Le Guern
  • 2021
Daylight greenhouse Ter Laak
Daylight Greenhouse yields 50% energy savings and better crop quality
  • Ter Laak
  • 2021

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