Greenhouse technology and horticulture automation

Innovative greenhouse technology for controlled environments

Modern greenhouse technology is empowering you to produce fresh, safe, and healthy food in a smart and sustainable way. All-encompassing control over crop conditions, at any time, and from anywhere, is proving to optimize production, maximize yield, improve quality, and reduce the cost of resources like water, energy, and labor. 

We at Priva are driven by technological innovation in horticulture. Developing greenhouse automation technology for controlled environments is our passion.

There are various types of new greenhouse technology available in this day and age. We offer varieties of process computers, sensors, and cloud-based software with smart interfaces to automate systems within your greenhouse. 

Through these types of digital innovation, greenhouse processes are optimized to create the perfect climate conditions. The result: exponential growth, for your crop and your business.



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Accurate and efficient greenhouse control

Grow a profitable crop with less effort and use of precious resources

Enabling growers to achieve optimal crop growth, and using resources efficiently, is what we do at Priva. Now, and in the future, greenhouse technology will continue to support the secure use of water and the recycling of wastewater. Our greenhouse farming technology enables our customers to optimally control their water flows and recirculate it safely.

We understand that the better processes are handled, the more the crop, the greenhouse, the environment, and the business can benefit. That understanding, combined with 60 years of experience in hi-tech greenhouse technology, is coming together in our automation systems. We offer a total solution for greenhouse innovation; one that links all processes and systems in horticultural businesses, allowing growers to control sustainable greenhouses accurately.


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Advantages of greenhouse technology

Discover what the benefits are for you and the specific crops you grow.

Soft fruit
Cut flowers
Potted plants

Achieve year-round production

Produce a consistent supply of fresh fruit, year-round, with stable and precise growing conditions.

Improve production efficiency

Reduce labor and operational costs by having better insights into management activities.

Efficient water and fertilizer dosing

Determine every irrigation cycle automatically with our irrigation start solution

Grow a sustainable business

Use the necessary natural resources, like water and energy, sparingly and efficiently.

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Relevant solutions for managing your greenhouse.

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Priva Vialux-Line
Efficient water disinfection for safe (re)use of water
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Priva EcoFan +
The perfect air recirculation for your greenhouse
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Precise fertilizer dosing systems for a healthy crop
Wireless sensors
More insight & control thanks to wireless monitoring
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Priva Operator
Manage your climate and operate your site remotely
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Priva FS Performance
Insight into company processes, labor and crop: from the greenhouse to the packing hall

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