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Greenhouse automation systems and automated greenhouses

The more precisely you can control the conditions in your greenhouse, the better your crop will grow.
01 September 2022

Optimum production, maximum yield, perfect quality: we'd like to help you work smarter in order to achieve these goals. Opting for an automated greenhouse means you will have all-encompassing control over your greenhouse operations, and the more control you have, the better your crop will grow.

Full control with greenhouse automation

As you well know, the perfect growing conditions aren’t reliant on climate alone. Irrigation, lights, CO2 levels and nutrients; all these aspects contribute to crop growth. To achieve perfect growing conditions in your greenhouse, it is crucial that all systems work together seamlessly, through wireless cloud technology. Greenhouse automation systems make this possible.

Our integrated solutions link all processes and systems in your greenhouse. The more systems that are connected, and the more intelligent the process computer, the better the probability of reaching the perfect balance in your greenhouse settings.

Intelligent, integrated, and complete control over your greenhouse conditions; this is our guaranteed solution for success.


Relevant solutions for greenhouse automation

Priva Connected
Priva Connected
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Van Egmond
Priva Operator
Manage your climate and operate your site remotely
Priva Notification Center
Priva Notification Center
Stay connected to your plants and equipment and respond to incidents – fast.

The benefits of a fully automated greenhouse

Complete automation will be revolutionary to the way you conduct day-to-day business and allow you to reach goals never before attainable. Here are some benefits of fully automated greenhouses:

1. Achieve the most stable climate conditions

A smart greenhouse system supports you in the central management and coordination of all processes to do with climate, light, irrigation, water, and energy management. The system automatically anticipates conditions and events that affect your cultivation, inside and outside your greenhouse. Therefore, by linking all processes together, you create the most stable climate, bringing about an ideal crop result.

2. Practice optimal energy management

With automated greenhouse processes, energy is used as efficiently as possible due to intelligent predictions of conditions. The smart greenhouse monitoring system with energy management software continuously analyzes the expected power requirements and available power supply for your greenhouse. By coordinating these processes, you make optimum use of precious energy. This enables you to achieve sustainable growth at maximum return.

3. Ensure optimal use/reuse of water

For the best crop results, you need the exact right composition of water, at the exact right time. It is important to regulate the various water flows, in the best possible manner, while administering the right quantities of fertilizers. Automatic greenhouse watering helps you to control fertilizer dosing systems, with which you can efficiently dose high-quality irrigation water. Supplemented with UV disinfection, you can safely recirculate water and meet the highest food safety requirements and regulations on the discharge of irrigation water. This not only benefits your crop but also contributes to the financial health of your business.

4. Work anywhere and anywhere

Wireless controlled greenhouse automation makes remote greenhouse control a possibility. Greenhouse management no longer has to take place on-site. Monitor your greenhouse conditions with smart greenhouse sensors and easily change settings from anywhere, at any time you choose. Complete monitoring and management can be done, on the go, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With your greenhouse at your fingertips, complete remote control is now a reality.

5. Future-proof your business

Businesses of the future are those who seek the latest in technological innovation. With an automatic greenhouse, you can be sure that you are making a future-proof investment. Our greenhouse automation software is continuously updated, ensuring that you always have a secure and stable system with the latest functionalities. Our global network of certified partners supports you with installation of your greenhouse automation system, service, and ongoing updates. We keep innovating to ensure your ongoing success.

With the right technology and settings, we can grow tomatoes with just 10% of the water that you would normally need for an open field crop. All greenhouse technology has been developed and tested for years. This technology gives the plants exactly that climate that they need!
Kevin de Kok

Consultant Greenhouse Automation

Kevin de Kok

Perfect growing conditions with an automatic greenhouse

Complete control over greenhouse conditions to achieve perfect growth is the ultimate goal, however; the greenhouse automation equipment you choose is highly reliant on your business, the size, your type of crop, and of course, your ambitions. Automate your greenhouse with a solution that suits your unique requirements with our range of process computers which are customizable for your specific business.

With over 65 years of experience in smart greenhouse automation, we can help you integrate all the processes and systems in your greenhouse; ensuring optimal growth of your crop, and your business, the smart way. Have a look at our greenhouse solutions.


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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann