Healthy buildings

The way people think about the connection between buildings and our health and wellbeing is changing - for the better. At Priva, we want to help you take a more holistic view of people, performance and building management because the benefits are ethical, practical and financial.

Whether your building is an office building, school, hospital or museum, a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, we’re here to help. Our suite of hardware and cloud-based technologies can help you to create healthy environments where heating, cooling and ventilation work in harmony with your sustainability goals and building users.

White paper: Healthy Buildings

Read our white paper and learn why now is the time to invest in building management technologies

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Understand the power of human-centric buildings

Discover new ways your buildings can support your people’s productivity, comfort and wellbeing

Healthy spaces that inspire

Inspiring, optimized spaces that combine comfort and wellbeing can empower our ability to learn, work and play.

Integrating wellbeing & ESG

Holistic approaches to buildings, people and technology offer new ways to support wellbeing and report on progress.

Supporting people & performance

Spaces that are comfortable, optimized and healthy are proven to boost cognition, mood and productivity.

Attracting & retaining talent

Spaces that are comfortable and support wellbeing can help you attract the best talent from younger generations.

Enhancing & supporting brand

Healthy indoor environments that support health, wellbeing and productivity can shape the way your brand is perceived.

Enhancing rentable value

Buildings with people’s wellbeing at the centre of the design are proven to attract tenants and command higher rental values.

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Statistics to surprise you…

of healthy building owners report faster leasing rates (1)
of healthy building landlords cite higher asset values (1)
improvement in cognitive scores for workers in a green, well-ventilated office (2)
fall in staff performance when an office is too hot and 4% if too cold! (2)
of sick leave attributable to poor ventilation (3)
Customer Stories

Client stories on comfort & wellbeing.

Find out how others have been able to optimize their buildings with some of our solutions.

National Centre For Writing Bms Upgrade Norwich
Priva BMS helps preserve historic HQ of National Centre for Writing
  • National Centre for Writing
  • 2022
The Rotterdam 1
De Rotterdam: incredible integrated building automation
  • The Rotterdam
  • 2022
Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Atrium
Hilton Hotels: always a comfortable temperature in your room
  • Hilton Schiphol
  • 2022
International School Of Amsterdam
The International School of Amsterdam manages HVAC with Priva technology
  • The International School of Amsterdam
  • 2022
Infinity: one of Europe's most sustainable office buildings
  • Encon
  • 2022
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Relevant solutions.

Priva Touchpoint One
Priva Touchpoint One
The elegant and user-friendly control device for personal comfort
Priva Comforte CX 2 Product HR
Priva Comforte-Line
An individually comfortable climate in every space
Hand above buildings
Priva Building Operator
Your building at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere
News & Insight

The latest Building Automation Blogs.

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Trial of ecoBuilding helps VIVES University College
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