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Different challenges ask for different solutions and products. In the overview on this page you see the product categories and their products for Horticulture. If you already know the product name, use the search box on this page.

Are you looking for more control of your greenhouse climate or greenhouse automation? Or a more efficient fertilizer system? Or more insights in workload, administration or other processes? All accessible from your couch, the office or even on holiday?

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Climate sensors
Water Priva
NEW: Priva Irrigation Measurement
Optimize Your Irrigation Strategy with Priva's Latest Solution
Priva Par Sensor Bonito Plants Hr Small
PAR sensor
Precise and reliable measurements for perfect growing conditions
Tomato plant
Automated control for predictive cultivation
Gerbera Greenhouse
Priva Compact CC
Control the fundamental growing processes and optimize cultivation and yield
Priva Denimfleur
Priva Compass
Simply control your crop and grow your business
Priva Connected
Priva Connected
The first step to our online applications and services
Priva Connext
The most advanced process computer for perfect cultivation and maximum yield
Priva Campus
Priva Consultancy
Fan In Greenhouse
Priva EcoFan +
The perfect air recirculation for your greenhouse
Fs Performance 1
Priva FS Performance
Insight into company processes, labor and crop: from the greenhouse to the packing hall
Kikkoman Inside Greenhouse
Priva Grower Intelligence
Monitoring application for gaining insights into crop development and optimizing results & predictable yields.

White paper: Greenhouse in the cloud

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