Climate sensors for temperature and relative humidity

Measurement of relative air humidity and temperature.

The traditional Priva measuring box (T + RH) measures the relative air humidity and the temperature per compartment per greenhouse. The E-measuring box goes one step further. It is a highly advanced instrument for electronically measuring the temperature, relative air humidity and - in a separate module - the CO2 content electronically. The Priva E-Measuring box, with the CO2 module if desired, is intended for quick, accurate measurements.

CO2 is of vital importance to the growth of plants. This makes monitoring the CO2 indispensable in a greenhouse. The Priva CO2 Monitor is a digital meter that measures and monitors the carbon dioxide concentration within the greenhouse. The CO2 Monitor uses air that is drawn in for measurement. With a COselector this can be done for multiple locations.

Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Highly advanced sensors

For quick and accurate measurements

Insight into important crop growth factors

Measure greenhouse temperature, relative air humidity and CO₂

Additional CO₂ measurements possible

Since CO₂ is of vital importance for plant growth

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