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Truly Green Farms: Precise control of water, energy and more

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We had the pleasure of visiting with Greg DeVries and his team at Truly Green Farms in Chatham, Ontario. They welcomed us into their 90 acre high-tech tomato greenhouse where Priva controls their integrated climate, water and labor management systems.

Connecting with Truly Green Farms

In 'Connecting With' the series, Priva visits leading horticultural entrepreneurs from all over the world and discusses the challenges they face and how Priva solutions are helping to address them. The series' first video features Truly Green Farms. 

With Priva we are able to set things and then leave them be and know that they are being carried out by the computer system

Head Grower at Truly Green Farms

Joe Barkhouse

Reliable controls

“For the grow team, it’s quite taxing always having the burden on your shoulders of the production and the growth of the plants. With Priva we are able to set things and then leave them be and know that they are being carried out by the computer system,” explains Joe Barkhouse, Head Grower at Truly Green Farms.

Priva office direct Screen

Energy management

“Typically Priva will control the heating systems and the vents, and the irrigation strategy. But right now, we actually got Priva controlling the flow of CO2 from an ethanol plant. We have Priva controlling the flow of waste heat coming from the ethanol plant. Those are unique applications that Priva has the breadth and depth to come up with the solutions. And not only give us solutions but give us ones that are functional and not too complicated and allow the flow of the operation to happen without any obstacles in the way,” explains Greg DeVries, owner of Truly Green Farms. 

About Truly Green

Truly Green Farms is complete Phase 4 expansion in Chatham-Kent successfully growing 90 acres of tomato varieties. The ability of Truly Green Farms to use carbon dioxide and waste heat from GreenField Global, an ethanol plant across the street, creates a negative carbon footprint. Thus, Truly Green is truly green.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann