Priva Academy: Horticulture & building automation courses

Priva Academy offers free Priva product trainings and trainings from our knowledge partners. We offer training courses for horticulture, building management or indoor growing.

Our online learning platform, Priva Academy, offers training courses on Priva services and products as well as training courses provided by our knowledge partners.

We offer users theoretical training courses on a wide range of subjects that they may encounter every day in the horticultural, building automation or indoor growing sectors. All training courses can be completed in English; most can also be completed in other languages. Additional practical training offers the possibility to translate the learned theory into practice and learn practical actions and skills.

We ensure that knowledge is easily accessible so that employees of our customers, Partners and our own organization can work as well as possible.


How Priva Academy will benefit you and your business

With Priva Academy, you always have access to a wide range of online training courses, anywhere in the world. Complete the training courses wherever you want, whenever you want. This saves on travel costs, training time and CO2 emissions and keeps your knowledge up to date. Access to Priva Academy is free of charge.


With Priva Academy, we make knowledge more accessible anywhere in the world.


Reduce carbon emissions by taking training courses online.


Save on travel costs and time. In addition, many training courses are free of charge.

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Facts and Figures

Achieved so far

The Priva Academy is being used in 59 countries
A total of 32,000 courses have been completed through Priva Academy
With the Priva Academy, we have saved 366.87 tons CO2 emissions
In total, we have saved on 14.45 million euros on overhead costs for the companies that use Priva Academy

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