Priva Academy: Access for partners via support portal

Access to Priva product training anytime, anywhere.

Priva Academy gives you access to training courses on Priva services and products anytime, anywhere. For example, there are training courses on relevant activities, such as installing, commissioning and maintaining systems. The complete training overview can be found in Priva Academy.

As an employee of a Priva Partner, you will receive free access to Priva Academy. Registration takes place via the Priva Support Portal. If you do not have access to the Priva Support Portal, please contact your company's Service Manager or your Priva accountmanager.  

Classroom training courses

In addition to the online training courses in Priva Academy, Priva also offers classroom training courses for the building management industry. More information about the content of these courses and how to register can be found on the Support Portal.

Should you need any advice or customized training following the online training courses, please contact your local Priva office.


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