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Our sustainable mission, vision and core business.

We offer innovative solutions for sustainable climate control and process management in horticulture, building management and indoor growing facilities. Discover our company story and how we create a climate for growth.

Our world is changing in unprecedented ways. Sustainable solutions to feed, house and develop the growing world population are more important than ever. Providing technologies and services to face this challenge are in our past, present and future. It has been our forte for over 65 years running and it coincides seamlessly with our mission.

Creating a climate for growth.

Priva helps cities transform into Sustainable Urban Deltas by developing leading-edge technologies, services and knowledge for climate control and process automation in buildings, horticulture, and anything between. We want to contribute to sustainable living for a growing and urbanizing world population.
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Meiny Prins

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Our values

This is what we believe in.

We look beyond the business case. Besides our ambition to be leading as a technology and service provider for sustainable solutions for both buildings and horticulture, we also care about the way we do it. As a family business, we engage in meaningful long-term business relations based on respect, honesty and transparency. The values that define Priva are:


In merely half a century we have changed from being a local greenhouse heating company into a leading-edge global player in climate control and process automation solutions. Innovation is in our DNA.


We look beyond growth and profitability; we seriously want to contribute to a sustainable world where a growing global population can live healthily and comfortably.


Regardles our innovative technologies and ambitions as a global player, we will always keep the human factor in mind.

Make it happen

We create solutions that add value, are very service oriented and make sure that what we promise to our stakeholders or envision for the future actually becomes reality.

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What & how

Our road to growth.

Who we are and what we value make us look for opportunities to grow, to scale, but most importantly, to make an impact. While our Priva Fast Forward strategy was about reinventing ourselves as a leading technology player, from 2020 to 2023, we are Connecting the Dots with bold steps to evolve what we do and how we do it:

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Creating a network of start-ups, technology partners and commercial alliances, because together we can go faster and further.
Priva Digital Services
Digital connections
Adding value to your key business processes by opening our platform with digital services to you and your partners.
Cloud Security
Futureproof platform
Enabling scalable growth with a brand new IoT-based engineering and control platform as well as a suite of cloud-based solutions.
Domain knowledge
Priva literally wasn’t born yesterday. We know how to develop technology that works for your business. And we share it through our Priva Academy.
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First-class working environment
Because shared goals, ownership and enthusiasm create better products and experiences.

Want to grow with us?

By nature, we are open to people and companies that share our vision and values - who share our DNA. Working at or with Priva means sharing ambitious goals while keeping the human factor in mind. Do you want to grow with us as a colleague or partner? 

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