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Discover the benefits of greenhouse data in the cloud

Priva Operator
25 September 2022

Every day that passes is one more day in which technology sits more permanently in our lives. Modern society has become accustomed to using technological devices to perform almost anything: e-mailing, online shopping, video calling and internet banking. And it is no different in horticulture.

Digital services based on cloud technology, provide you the freedom to work where it matters most: in the greenhouse, surrounded by your crop. Choosing a cloud-connected greenhouse means being able to respond directly to the needs of your crop. You will be able to monitor your measurements and change settings as you walk through the greenhouse aisles. And all of that straight from your phone.

Digital services, in which greenhouse data is stored in the cloud, have become indispensable. Priva Operator ensures that you have constant insight into your greenhouse data and enables you to adjust settings wherever and whenever you want. Imagine walking into your greenhouse and wonder whether a certain department has received water. Or you are standing along the sidelines of a soccer field on Saturday and wonder what the temperature is in the greenhouse. You will be able to check this immediately with the app on your smartphone and adjust if necessary.

Is it secure?

Data stored in the cloud is likely to be more secure than data stored on your own devices. Why? Cloud storage is designed from the ground up for maximum data security. When you store data in the cloud, your data is encrypted and continuously monitored to protect against cybersecurity threats. To guard the availability of your data, Priva uses redundancy and back-ups. Naturally our top priority is to secure your data against unauthorized access and modification. In addition, we have a certified Integrated Management System which implements ISO27001 (Information Security) and 9001 (Quality Management), which ensures our security is state of the industry.

Access at all times does not mean that everyone within the company has access to this data. Through Access Control you can manage the users in your cloud environment. You can give access and manage the user rights for your co-workers, partners, or consultants directly within the app, for easy optimization of your workflow. More importantly, decide whether they can edit settings or have read-only rights. After all, you do not want just anyone pressing all the buttons…

Read our Information Security Whitepaper.

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Read more about the benefits of digital services and working via the cloud

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