Indoor farming technology and indoor growing systems

Indoor growing and vertical farming systems for integrated and sustainable growth.

Indoor growing is an innovative emerging vertical within the horticulture industry. Technological developments within indoor growing and vertical farming markets are highly progressive, led by a global need for sustainable ways to grow fresh produce. Year-round, high-quality yield, at a minimum expense of time, funds, and natural resources, is the new benchmark. This is being achieved through using new sophisticated crop management technology that integrates all systems.  

Priva offers the best solutions for indoor growing facilities such as vertical farms, warehouses and grow containers. We facilitate the optimal growth of vegetables, fruit, plants and medicinal crops. Climate, water, and energy are managed with precision by our hardware and software solutions. With years of experience and knowledge in horticulture and building automation technology, Priva is perfectly positioned to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for indoor growing environments.

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Our impact in numbers.

Less water usage than a traditional farm, with Indoor Growing
Less food waste than a traditional outdoor farm, with Indoor Growing

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Indoor farming integrated climate control systems
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Indoor farming centralized irrigation systems
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Indoor growing project consulting

Indoor farming benefits

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Produce consistently, year-round

Ensure a high-quality yield throughout the year with consistent and stable climate conditions.

Control all aspects with precision

Total integration of water, climate, and energy systems allows for precision growing: light, temperature, air humidity, CO2,, and nutrients and irrigation can be managed with accuracy.

Use water as efficiently as possible

Central water management systems ensure the safe reuse of water while accommodating any type of irrigation system.

See your plants thrive with ongoing project support

With ongoing guidance and support from our experts, you will be able to consistently optimize the way you grow.

Indoor Growing
Priva Indoor Growing
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Relevant solutions for indoor growing.

Waterruimte Ter Laak (1) LR
Priva Vialux-Line
Efficient water disinfection for safe (re)use of water
Priva Connext
The most advanced process computer for perfect cultivation and maximum yield
Priva Neutralizer
Ensure a stable pH level for your irrigation water
Cucumber greenhouse Reijm
Priva Nutri-Line
Precise fertilizer dosing systems for a healthy crop
Priva Blue ID S-line
Priva Blue ID S-line
Robust and reliable building automation controllers
Priva Blue ID C-line
Priva Blue ID C-line
State-of-the-art but affordable HVAC-controllers
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News & Insight

The latest of the latest developments.

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