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Deliflor Chrysanten: From automated greenhouse to indoor farm

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Deliflor Chrysanten is located in the Westland, right in the heart of Dutch greenhouse horticulture region. It is part of Beekenkamp Group, a family business that was founded more than 70 years ago. The company specializes in breeding, propagating and rooting chrysanthemums. We spoke with the company’s managing director Peter Kuijvenhoven and Priva Consultants Rick van den Burg and Dave Tork at the Maasdijk location.

Connecting with Deliflor Chrysanten

In our “Connecting with” series, Priva visits leading horticultural companies all over the world. We talk to them about the challenges they face and how Priva solutions help them to overcome them. The third video in this series is about Deliflor Chrysanten. In this video, Priva consultant Rick van den Burg talks about the collaboration with the company. 

I am satisfied with the partnership with Priva employees. They are skilled, and my questions are resolved immediately.

A lot of Priva expertise in the systems

Peter Kuijvenhoven has been working with Priva's products and services his whole life. It’s fair to say that he didn’t choose Priva himself; his employer Deliflor Chrysanten/Beekenkamp did. But to his complete satisfaction. “From the Priva Connext computer to cloud services with Operator, you notice that the products contain a lot of Priva's knowledge. Due to new developments, it’s becoming easier and easier to operate and keeping records of the greenhouse/growth chamber.”

Custom-made design for Indoor Farming

Deliflor Chrysanten opted for an indoor growing solution for part of the breeding activities. This enables them to produce chrysanthemums year round at a specific temperature and humidity. Dave Tork, who is a project leader at Priva and responsible for the indoor growing facility at Deliflor, says these types of indoor solutions are always custom-made. “The conditioned air is brought into the room at low air speed and extracted back to the coolers on the other side of the room. This process is repeated on average 50 times per hour, and results in a constant climate for the crops. Together with our partners, we designed this specifically for Deliflor. For this we use the latest integrated technologies, bringing together Priva’s knowledge and experience in both Horticulture and Building Automation.”

About Delfilor Chrysanten

Deliflor Chrysanten is the largest chrysanthemum breeder in the world. The company strives to develop varieties that contribute to a profitable chrysanthemum crop and offers surprising colors, shapes and potential applications. The breeding facility covers 6.5 hectares (16 acres), and the most common varieties are Anastasia, Zembla, Baltica, Delianne, Magnum and Rossano.

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