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Priva horticulture | Cucumber irrigation


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Building Automation

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Priva Indoor Growing

Indoor Growing

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Control my climate

Let us know who you are to find smart digital solutions for your climate

  • Grower
  • Building facility manager
  • Get the most out of your crop

    Greenhouse control at your fingertips
    • Priva Operator
      Access to your climate – anywhere, anytime
    • Priva Notification Center
      Immediate insight into what is happening, while it is happening
    • Wireless sensors
      Wireless monitoring for more detailed insight into growing conditions
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    This could be you

    Discover the benefits of a cloud-connected greenhouse

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  • Get the most out of your building

    Making building management easy and smart
    • Priva customizable dashboard
      Create your personalized view of what is happening in your building
    • Priva Analytics
      The insights into your building you need for optimal decision-making
    • Buildium Comfort management
      Room control, issue reporting and workspace planning made easy
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Making it work for you

Priva is a high-tech company that develops hardware, software and services in the field of climate control, energy saving and optimal reuse of water. We do that for horticulture, indoor and city farming, and utility buildings such as offices, retail, hotels and hospitals.

  • Efficient and effective

Our dedicated solutions are scalable and help you make your business more profitable by getting the most from all available resources

Our expertise
  • Safe and secure

Information security is key when working with your business-critical data. Therefore, all our solutions are developed to be Safe-by-Design.

Our vision on security
  • Over 60 years' experience

Established in hardware, invested in research and development, bringing together people and technology in smart solutions

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