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With our building management software, systems and digital services, you can solve any challenge in your building.

Do you want a smarter building, a more comfortable indoor climate, more efficient facilities management or to save on your expenses? If you already know the product name, use the search box on this page.

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Laptop ecoBuilding
ecoBuilding: Save energy and improve comfort with data & AI
ecoBuilding is an intelligent layer of cloud-based software that sits on top of your existing building management system.
Priva Touchpoint One
Priva Touchpoint One
The elegant and user-friendly control device for personal comfort
Priva Remote Commissioning
Priva Remote Commissioning
Building Automation Priva Digital Services Notification Center
Priva Notification Center
Always have insight into issues that are important to your business operations
Building Automation Priva Digital Services Energy Insight By Erbisone
Priva Energy Insight
Increased energy savings and comfort & wellbeing
Priva Digital Services
For Better Working. Better Living. Smarter Energy.
4G Connectivity
Priva Connectivity Pack
Always connected to the most suitable network
Priva Comforte CX 2 Product HR
Priva Comforte-Line
An individually comfortable climate in every space
Priva Blue ID S-line
Priva Blue ID S-line
Robust and reliable building automation controllers
Priva Blue ID C-line
Priva Blue ID C-line
State-of-the-art but affordable HVAC-controllers
Hand above buildings
Priva Building Operator
Your building at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere
Flashing cars on the road between buildings
Priva and bGrid
The building as your personal assistant

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