Priva Connectivity Pack: 4G connection for cloud services

Always connected to the most suitable network

The Priva Connectivity Pack is an annual subscription to a 4G internet connection for the use of Priva Cloud Services.

Building management systems work better when they are connected to the internet. As a Priva Partner or user, you can easily establish a 4G connection yourself with the Priva Connectivity Pack 4G. All Priva Cloud Services will then be available for building optimisation and visualisation. Should internet be unavailable in your building or you wish to improve security by separating your Priva building management system, an internet connection can be quickly established with the Priva Connectivity Pack 4G. Plug and play, straight out of the box.

You pay a fixed amount per month for the 4GB data bundle. This price is based on fair use, therefore occasionally exceeding the data limit is not an issue.


Understand how you will benefit

Discover what the benefits are for you and your building

Plug and Play

Router with an activated SIM card works straight out of the box

Fixed price per month

For 4GB data bundle with fair use policy; required hardware included

Automatically connects to the most suitable network

EU roaming automatically establishes a connection to the most suitable network in range

Always up to date

The Priva Connectivity Pack is updated automatically, just like Priva’s other online applications

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Required hardware included

Priva will supply you with the required connection hardware on loan. The hardware in the Priva Connectivity Pack is very durable and of industrial quality. Nonetheless, should anything go wrong with the hardware, Priva will send you a replacement free of charge, so you can always be confident that you have correctly working hardware.

The Connectivity Pack consists of:
1x 4G/LTE router with DIN rail mounting clip
1x activated SIM card (in the router)
1x Ethernet cable
1x power supply adaptor (EU & UK)
2 x antennas (2m cable)
4GB per month data bundle (subject to fair use and to only be used for Priva Cloud Services)

Automatically connects to the most suitable network

The router contains an activated SIM card for EU roaming. This means that the router automatically connects to the most suitable network in range. This gives you the best chance of a good connection. Two external antennas ensure optimum signal reception and transfer speed for the router.


When you connect the hardware in the Priva Connectivity Pack, you get an internet connection straightaway. Install the router, connect the power and position the antennas for good reception – that's all you need to do. We will monitor and update the router remotely. You don’t have to worry about a thing. The Priva Connectivity Pack 4G is an addition to Priva Cloud Services which makes it as easy as possible for you to use.

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker