Greenhouse monitoring systems and sensor technology

Collect accurate measurements with intelligent sensors and one integrated system.

Advanced, accurate and reliable measurements thanks to intelligent sensors for horticulture. Create optimal growing and cultivation conditions for your crops.

The collection of accurate greenhouse data through reliable technological solutions is the first step to achieving perfect growing conditions for your crop. Optimal crop development is reliant on a perfect balance of temperature, light, humidity and CO2 concentration. Precise measurements of these elements enable you to control crop conditions by making important adjustments when necessary.

Priva supplies a wide range of sensors for precise data collection. These include weather sensors, climate sensors, PAR sensors and water sensors - all of which can be linked to your Priva process computer. Wireless sensor options are available so you can achieve even more precise insights. Wireless sensor data is collected and available for quick remote access from the Priva Cloud.

Our impact in numbers.

Overview for all your data
Sensors, 1 base station
Meters of reach (line of sight)
Different types of sensors on 1 wireless network
Years of battery life (based on 10 minutes interval)

Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Stay in the know

Know exactly what the situation is in your greenhouse, at all times, with precision measurements of conditions like temperature, light, humidity and CO2 levels.

Analyze all data in a single overview

Minimize the time and effort of reading data from different systems. Now, you only need one integrated environment to view and analyze your data.

Work with reliable data

A wide range of intelligent sensors captures data you can rely on to be accurate. We only use the best technology for our sensors.

Get a grip on the cultivation process

Quick and accurate measurements allow you to act fast in adjusting your greenhouse settings. Make adjustments as and when needed.

Priva Compass Operator Tablet Tomato Field
Priva Denimfleur
Priva Deliflor Purple
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Relevant solutions.

Wireless sensors
More insight & control thanks to wireless monitoring
Mast2 Bewerkt Pvr
Priva Weather Station
Improved accuracy and reliability
Priva PAR sensor Bonito Plants
PAR sensor
Precise and reliable measurements for perfect growing conditions
Customer Stories

Greenhouses with Priva Sensors

Find out how others have been able to optimize their greenhouses with some of our solutions.

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V2 221021 Priva Ortolanda RB32205 Bewerkt Highres
How Ortolanda continues to benefit from Priva Operator
  • Ortlanda
  • 2022
Priva Deliflor
Deliflor Chrysanten: From automated greenhouse to indoor farm
  • Deliflor Chrysanten
  • 2022
Priva Van Egmond Operator
How Van Egmond Matricaria benefits from Priva Operator
  • Van Egmond
  • 2022
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The latest developments.

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