Priva Weather Station: For reliable weather measurements

The Priva Weather station pro 21 gives you reliable measurements to ensure maximum yield. It is the best monitoring tool of outdoor conditions.

Reliable measurements ensure maximum yield

Reliable weather measurements are crucial to successfully growing a crop. The right greenhouse sensors help you to gain insight into changing weather conditions. With this information, your climate computer is able to make essential changes in a timely manner and helps you achieve maximum yield.


Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Focus on your crop

Rely on your measurements always being correct and accurate, so you can focus on your crop and make the right decisions.

Our most accurate sensors yet

Measurement of wind speed and wind direction by ultrasonic sound; new technology increases measurement accuracy.

Connecting multiple weather stations

Improve your decision-making based on highest, lowest, or average measurements by connecting multiple weather stations.

Less maintenance

The absence of moving parts reduce maintenance to a minimum and the addition of special bird spikes ensure continuous operation.

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A dashboard for real-time insight 

The measurements of the weather station can be found in the Installation & Maintenance (I&M) tool. In addition, you can see all the sensor measurements clearly in Priva Operator. Operator is the online application that enables you to access your greenhouse data and settings from any smart device, in real-time. Via a cloud connection, you have 24/7 insight into your measurements and your data is safely stored. Learn more about Operator >

Communication with a smart bridge 

A smart bridge is used for communication between the Weather station and the Priva Connext computer. This clever device provides measurements to the Connext computers, which enables it to make essential changes and thus anticipate changes in the outdoor climate.

Priva Weather station pro 21

Priva Weather station Pro 21 (WSP21) is a true asset for every horticultural entrepreneur who wants to push the boundaries and get the most out of their business.

State-of-the-art sensor technology

The latest weather station is equipped as standard with six advanced sensors for temperature, outside humidity, wind speed, wind direction, radiation, and rain sensor. This can be extended with a Pyrgeo (radiation) and a PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) sensor.


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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann