Greenhouse climate control: Improve growth and yield

Discover optimal solutions for a smart, climate controlled greenhouse.

Optimal production, maximum yield, perfect quality: we'd like to help you work smarter in order to achieve these goals. Opting for a smart greenhouse means you will have all-encompassing control over your greenhouse climate, and the more control you have, the better your crop will grow.

With over 60 years of experience in greenhouse climate control systems and automation, we at Priva can help you integrate all the processes and systems in your greenhouse; ensuring perfect conditions for the optimal growth of your crop, and your business. With automated lighting, CO², humidity, and temperature control, greenhouse management becomes a whole lot easier. Our integrated solutions work together seamlessly to assist you in growing a profitable crop.


Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the specific crops you grow.

Achieve the most stable climate conditions

A smart greenhouse system supports you in the central management and coordination of all processes to do with climate, light, irrigation, and energy management.

Practice optimal energy management

With automated greenhouse processes, energy is used as efficiently as possible due to intelligent predictions of conditions.

Ensure optimal use/reuse of water

Automatic greenhouse watering helps you to control fertilizer dosing systems, with which you can efficiently dose high-quality irrigation water.

Work anywhere and anywhere

Wireless controlled greenhouse automation makes remote greenhouse control a possibility. Greenhouse management no longer has to take place on-site.

Grow across the globe

Whether you are situated in a predominantly hot or cold winter climate, greenhouse temperature control systems make it possible to grow any crop, anywhere.

Future-proof your business

Our greenhouse automation software is continuously updated, ensuring that you always have a secure and stable system with the latest functionalities.

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Digital lines
Priva Denimfleur
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Relevant solutions for managing your climate and processes.

PRIVA Westland Tom Van Huisstede 0308
Priva One: The ultimate integrated solution for predictive and scalable cultivation
Priva Connext
The most advanced process computer for perfect cultivation and maximum yield
Van Egmond
Priva Operator
Manage your climate and operate your site remotely
Gerbera Greenhouse
Priva Compact CC
Control the fundamental growing processes and optimize cultivation and yield
Priva Denimfleur
Priva Compass
Simply control your crop and grow your business
Customer Stories

What our customers have to say.

Find out how others have been able to optimize their greenhouses with some of our solutions.

Priva Meewisse Roses
Meewisse Roses: "Thanks to PIM, my crop is more balanced."
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  • 2024
Reference project Stolze & Priva: HilverdaFlorist
V2 221021 Priva Ortolanda RB32205 Bewerkt Highres
How Ortolanda continues to benefit from Priva Operator
  • Ortlanda
  • 2022
Priva Deliflor
Deliflor Chrysanten: From automated greenhouse to indoor farm
  • Deliflor Chrysanten
  • 2022
Priva Van Egmond Operator
How Van Egmond Matricaria benefits from Priva Operator
  • Van Egmond
  • 2022
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