Priva One: The ultimate integrated solution for predictive and scalable cultivation

The ideal solution for multi-site and multi-crop cultivation at large scale, from anywhere, at anytime

The horticulture industry is constantly evolving. Greenhouse operations are transitioning from responsive to predictive growing, expanding into multiple crops and multiple sites. Posing increasing challenges to growers worldwide to create an ideal climate for optimal growth.

Priva’s ultimate integrated solution Priva One puts growers in charge of their crops, providing the most relevant insights on whether their crop goals are achieved and what requires their attention. The insights provided, along with Priva’s best-in-class controls, empower growers to cultivate predictable and profitable crops at scale with confidence, anytime and from anywhere.

Integrated solutions with key innovators in predictive cultivation

Priva One integrates the solutions of those partners who are shaping the future of predictive cultivation on a large scale, such as Blue Radix, IUNU and Combined with direct insight into crop performances, 24/7 greenhouse control operations and labor management, Priva One aims to bring together everything growers need to manage, plan and operate a greenhouse in one solution. "By partnering with key innovators like Blue Radix, IUNU, and, with plug & play integration of their services, we make it easier for each grower to build their own path to predictive cultivation for profitable and efficient growth”, says Hans Peters CEO Priva.



Discover the benefits of Priva One

Ultimate integration
Integration partners enjoy a unique robust and clear integration platform, with standardized data point lists, making it very easy to connect and transfer data to deliver the best possible value for mutual customers. With over a hundred greenhouse operations already experiencing the benefits of Priva One integrations, the industry’s attention to integrated solutions is gaining traction. Growers already connected to the Priva cloud can easily benefit from these standardized secured cloud and gateway-based integrations.
Autonomous steering solutions
A reference for Priva One’s success of its integration strategy is with Blue Radix’ autonomous steering solution to automatically adjust climate and irrigation settings in Priva Connext. The result of this integration is a significant reduction in time spent on climate and irrigation management, reduced operational risk and lower energy consumption, allowing growers to scale operations with confidence. The Priva Connext computer with its smart strategies controls climate and irrigation based on given inputs and all local variables and circumstances.
Crop performance insights
Growers with multiple sites producing a variety of crops will benefit from real-time insights and predictive capabilities. These solutions will help them plan next week’s labor schedule, strategize crop yield for the upcoming year, and optimize energy deployment for the next 24 hours cost-efficiently. These solutions will help optimize resource allocation, improve decision-making, and ultimately increase overall operational efficiency for growers. To safeguard production and profitability, head growers will be able to maximize their efforts by optimizing underperforming crops.

The ideal solution for multi-site and multi-crop operations.

Priva One can achieve its best results with large-scale vegetable and strawberry cultivation as it aims to allow growers to get direct insights into which crops require attention across all sites, contributing to significant improvements in crop performance. 

Priva One Crop Performance Dashboard

With Priva One, growers get direct insight into crop performance together with all the required tools and integrations to control climate, processes and labor. Priva One’s Crop Performance Dashboard aims to provide direct overview on which crops are off-target compared to the crop plan and require attention, as well as providing insights of the crops' performance on a more detailed level.

The new dashboard aims to display all crops, greenhouse locations and individual grower’s performance together in one intuitive overview, resulting in a more efficient usage of time and focused attention, allowing easier scaling of operations. With its smart interface for climate, water, energy, labor and integrations, Priva One is the experts’ choice in predictive and scalable cultivation.

Priva One. The Experts’ Choice in predictive and scalable cultivation.


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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann