Plantonomy: autonomous growing with new technology

Automated control for predictive cultivation by Priva

Plantonomy™ steers transpiration according to the natural biorhythm of the plant. It alters settings based on what the plant needs, when it needs it. And it does this all by itself.

Plantonomy is a cloud-based service, based on smart algorithms that follow the plant’s biorhythm. It autonomously controls a large part of the climate settings every five minutes regarding irrigation, ventilation, heating, screening, and lighting of the greenhouse. The algorithm makes sure the water balance of the plant is steered according to the plan of the grower at each time a day.

By being in control of the water balance, uptake, transpiration and drain, growers are in control of the plant growth”. The result? Fewer disruptions in growth and therefore a consistent crop development, predictable quality and yield and an increased span of control.

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Main controls to steer your crop
New hardware required *

*if you work with a Priva Connext process computer and Growscale


Understand how your crop will benefit.

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Feed forward control

Limit interventions in the moment by a feed forward control for more stable conditions

Consistent crop development

Avoid unnecessary plant stress by limited disturbances that result in consistent crops

Predictable quality and yield

Achieve specific cultivation goals by influencing the biological curve

Increased span of control

Spend less time changing settings and more time managing your business

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Optimal results

Influencing the 24-hour curve of water uptake of the plant to achieve optimal results

Plantonomy is based on the principles of Priva’s BioLogics for plant growth. A steering principle based on the natural development course of the plant which takes its water balance as the most important parameter to steer on.


By creating the perfect conditions feed forward instead of adjusting settings based on feedback, the daily rhythm of water absorption, fixation and evaporation by the crop can be followed in a smooth flow, avoiding unnecessary plant stress. Resulting in a healthy, strong crop which develops in a very regular way. This makes plant growth and yield much more predictable. To achieve specific cultivation goals, it is possible to influence the biological curve and stimulate specific biological processes, such as the development of vegetative or generative plant parts.


Learn more about Priva's BioLogics for plant growth

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Less time adjusting settings, more time managing business

By working with Plantonomy, growers will need less experience and knowledge about climate control logic. The only thing the grower needs to do is to feed Plantonomy with the correct information and take crop health, cultivation operations, and the cultivation goal into account when drawing up their crop schedule. Plantonomy will keep process factors within boundaries automatically. Enabling growers to manage a larger cultivation area or multiple locations more easily.

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