Priva's BioLogics plant growth: Control the water balance

Cultivation goals within reach by controlling the plant's water balance

For over 10 years, Priva’s crop systems innovator Peter Kamp has been researching and developing an alternative steering principle to achieve crop goals more easily. How? By controlling the plants' water balance.

The unique starting point of Priva’s BioLogics for plant growth, is a feed-forward control for the greenhouse climate and water-supply, based on water uptake, fixation of water and transpiration of the crop. The control follows the plant’s 24-hour rhythm in terms of growth and crop development and can be tuned to the crop goals of the grower.

Our impact in numbers.

Years of research
Feed forward control

Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

More control over the development of the crop

Resulting in a higher yield, and more consistency in kilograms or stems per week

Better timing of production

E.g. red roses for Valentine’s day, cherry tomatoes for Christmas

A healthy and strong crop

Crops that are less susceptible to fungal diseases (e.g. Botrytis)

More efficient use of natural resources

Smarter use of water energy and nutrients and better labor planning

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Achieve cultivation goals more easily

To achieve specific cultivation goals, it is possible to influence the biological curve of water uptake, fixation, and transpiration of the crop. By shifting the curve, you can stimulate specific biological processes, such as the development of vegetative or generative plant parts. The right curve (cultivation principle) is determined based on production and quality KPI’s. Of course, influencing the curve is limited to a bandwidth that the crop can adapt to, without putting its development at risk.


The plant itself as the most important sensor

Growing according to Priva’s BioLogics for plant growth is not a black box. Monitoring crop development and health provides important feedback to evaluate the cultivation process. The plant itself becomes the most important greenhouse sensor. Giving direct and valuable feedback.

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Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

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