Indoor vertical farming project consulting and support

Indoor growing project consulting

Indoor Growing is a new emerging vertical in the horticulture space, therefore, it can present challenges. With more than 60 years' experience in Horticulture, and over 35 years' experience in Building Automation, we at Priva have sufficient combined knowledge when it comes to growing indoors.

We pride ourselves in being perfectly positioned to assist you in your indoor growing or vertical farming venture, from the get-go, and we don't walk away when the job is done. We are readily available to support and advise you on all aspects regarding your project, including data-based fine-tuning of indoor climate conditions, energy-saving tactics, and crop-specific guidance. 


Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Get your project off the ground with an expert by your side

We help you to plan your project, continue to advise you on managing your facility, and help you to control the conditions of your crop.

Get comprehensive support through our partner networks

We partner up with experts from various sectors to help you with your project in an all-encompassing way, even including GMP/GACP compliance.

Get strategic input regarding crop cultivation

By tracking data, we can advise you on fine-tuning your climate, water, and energy settings to suit the precise requirements of your specific crop.

Get systems training and ongoing support

Our e-learning platform, Priva Academy, is open to all our valued clients to learn more about indoor growing. Additionally, Priva's support team is always willing to assist.

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