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5 reasons why vertical farming indoor is the future

Discover the benefits of indoor vertical farming and how it is securing our future
Indoor Farming
01 November 2022

Indoor farming offers solutions to the significant issues we are facing as a global community: feeding the fast-growing population in a safe and sustainable way while reducing environmental damage and conserving our planet. 

Within the horticulture industry, many businesses are looking toward indoor vertical farming options to better control crop growth. By farming in an enclosed facility (buildings, containers, etc.) and making use of indoor farm technology for climate control, growers are experiencing benefits previously unattainable. However, the benefits of indoor growing extend much further than the farm; it is impacting our futures in a number of ways.

What is indoor vertical farming?

Indoor vertical farming is a method of farming where crops are produced on vertically stacked growing shelves to produce more yield per square meter of space. An indoor vertical farm is built in a closed facility, (thus named an Indoor Farm), where all climate conditions can be controlled with precision. Temperature, light, humidity, water etc., can be tightly managed and monitored.  

By welcoming the latest technology in indoor farming systems, horticulture businesses are growing steadily and becoming more profitable. Ambitious business goals are being reached due to the following benefits. 

The benefits of vertical farming indoors

1. Increased yield 

Farmers are not only increasing crop yield through optimal utilization of space, but they are also maximizing yield by growing throughout the year, regardless of any weather condition. They are experiencing yield that is predictable, reliable, and consistent. 

2. Improved crop health 

Indoor farming companies are improving crop quality. A healthy crop is ensured due to safety from pests, pathogens, and chemicals. Health can also be continuously improved through close monitoring and precise management of the indoor climate conditions. 

3. Safer food closer to market 

Since the crop can be grown in cities via indoor urban farming methods, fresher products are transported to stores through fewer distribution channels. This means a safer product reaches the consumer. 

4. Decreased environmental impact 

Because the crop is grown in an enclosed hygienic facility, pesticides are not necessary, and thus contamination of groundwater is prevented. Due to the farms being close to market, pollution caused by transport is also reduced.  

5. Efficient use of water 

Indoor hydroponic farming ensures that clean, safe water, containing the exact right amount of nutrients is used and reused through water disinfection processes and recirculation systems. Centralized irrigation systems are able to determine the precise moisture balance required for the crop. As a result, an indoor farm can reduce water usage by up to 90%. 

Why vertical indoor farming is the future 

The world population is growing at 1.1% per year and we need to find a way to feed more people, with safer food, faster. Additionally, we need to do so in a way that is sustainable with the least impact on the environment to protect our planet. Here are 5 reasons why indoor farming companies are in the forefront of safeguarding our futures: 

  1. Due to space optimization, 75 times more food can be produced per square meter of land in a stacked vertical indoor farm to feed the cities of the future.  
  2. Growing food close to the market, a safer product reaches our plates, reducing the threat of polution and the risk of illness. 
  3. Due to improved crop quality, more people can be fed healthy food, improving the health of future generations. 
  4. Excluding pesticides from the farming process means the environmental impact is reduced and we are supporting a greener farming solution. 
  5. Due to efficient use of water, we are conserving this precious resource and, thereby, helping the planet. 

Priva’s vision and mission on vertical farming indoor 

Priva understands the need to create sustainable solutions to safeguard our futures. We strive to create those solutions. With decades of experience and knowledge in horticulture technology and building automation, our expertise has come together to offer the best solutions for the indoor growing industry. 

We are here to help growers reap all the benefits that indoor farming has to offer through state-of-the-art climate control technologies, proficient guidance, and on-going support. We provide hardware and software solutions for managing everything that the plant needs, from temperature to irrigation systems. We have even made it possible for you to run your entire operation from your mobile phone, whenever and wherever you are! 

By helping growers, we support safe food supply to the cities of the future, and we believe our innovations in vertical indoor farming will lead the way. 

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We firmly believe that this method of growing fresh produce without being at the mercy of daylight and climatic influences will play a fundamental role in the future availability of sufficient food.

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