Advanced building technology and services

Advances in building technologies and solutions are allowing sustainable options for building management, building automation, energy management and enhanced personal comfort.

We at Priva help building owners, developers and investors to build environments that make people feel good and function better while using energy in the most sustainable way. We use our technological know-how and expertise to develop green building technology that creates the perfect indoor climate for performing any given activity and reduces the environmental footprint of buildings.

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Better living for everyone

We spend an increasing part of our lives outside of our homes – at work, in school, shopping, traveling. Building management technology is creating better workplaces, schools, hospitals, hotels and public buildings improves quality of life for everyone. 

As a building technology company providing smart and sustainable solutions, Priva helps owners, developers and investors to create future-proof buildings and environments where all people can thrive.

Our impact in numbers.

Years’ experience in Building automation
successfully installed Priva Building Management Systems
of Dutch utility buildings have a Priva system

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City view from a building
How to enhance the value of your existing buildings
Green And City
Net zero buildings
Hotel Room With Priva Touchpoint One
How to manage comfort and wellbeing in buildings
Man in an office holding a tablet
Improve the operational efficiency of your building
Modern apartment complex
Smart buildings and intelligent building technologies

Re-thinking the way we use energy


Faced with an ever-growing world population and increasingly scarce natural resources, we need new technology for building sustainable futures. We need to completely re-think the way we generate, purchase, store and distribute energy in our buildings. Using energy efficient new building technology, Priva enables its customers to make the transition to a more sustainable use of energy – reducing consumption, improving efficiency and maximizing the use of renewable sources.

The global race to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 is on. All new buildings must be net-zero carbon in operation, and embodied carbon must be reduced by at least 40% if we’re to get to Net Zero by 2030.Priva designed net zero energy building technologies to help give you get a better, more detailed picture of how you’re using energy.


Laptop ecoBuilding
EcoBuilding: Save energy and improve comfort with data & AI
ecoBuilding is an intelligent layer of cloud-based software that sits on top of your existing building management system.
Priva Touchpoint One
Priva Touchpoint One
The elegant and user-friendly control device for personal comfort
Priva Remote Commissioning
Priva Remote Commissioning
Notification Center graphs and tablet
Priva Notification Center
Always have insight into issues that are important to your business operations
High Rise Buildings
Priva Energy Insight
Increased energy savings and comfort & wellbeing
Priva Digital Services
Priva Digital Services
For Better Working. Better Living. Smarter Energy.
Customer Stories

What our customers have to say

Lely Hi Res
How Weverskade BV makes climate control insightful with data
  • Weverskade BV | Property owner of the Lely group
  • 2023
Luchtfoto Beverwijk Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis 78817
Red Cross Hospital: A modern building management system
Heritage Buildings Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey: Optimal temperature in historic building
  • Westminster Abbey
  • 2021
National Centre For Writing Bms Upgrade Norwich
Priva BMS preserves historic National Centre for Writing HQ
  • National Centre for Writing
  • 2022
The Rotterdam 1
De Rotterdam: incredible integrated building automation
  • The Rotterdam
  • 2022
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How to use buildings as a solution for energy resilience
City view from a building
Picking up the pace
Priva Lab Mockup
Trial of ecoBuilding helps VIVES University College
The Dawn Of Data
What is a building management system? Priva explains...
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