Priva Notifications: Know what is going on in your building

Stay connected to your building and respond to incidents – fast.

If you’re running a building, you’ll know how important it is to keep your building users happy - and respond to incidents fast.

Our Priva Notification Center application makes sure you’re always in control – any incidents that require your attention are sent straight to your inbox, on your phone, smartwatch or via SMS.


Understand how you will benefit

Discover what the benefits are for you and your building

Anywhere anytime any device

Choose which notification method suits you best, so that you are always up to speed. By email, SMS or push notification.

Direct access to incidents

Real-time access to relevant data enables you to investigate the incident and solve it as quickly as possible.

All alarms in one place

Receive a notification if your building loses its connection to the Cloud.

Multiple buildings

Suitable for single buildings or large complex estates.

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Main features of Notification Center


Priva Notification Center is like a ‘critical friend’ for building and FM managers. You can easily monitor plants and equipment and get notified when something’s not right. It helps prevents problems from becoming a complaint.


Priva Notification Center is a cloud-based solution. This means you don’t need to invest in complex, expensive ICT equipment or knowledge to get started. The good news is, it’s also very easy to set-up. The only thing you need is a secure connection between the building's network and the Cloud. The service is subscription-based, so it always fits your business.


Notification Center is updated with a scheduler. With this new feature, you can set up notifications according to escalation levels. The first scheduled employee receives a notification when an alarm occurs. If the employee does not acknowledge the alarm, he/she will receive a number of reminder notifications (depending on the notification settings). Subsequently, a second employee will be notified if someone is scheduled in the second escalation level.

The benefit is that new notifications go exclusively to the people who are assigned to handle them and no longer to all users. This cuts confusion and speeds up the handling of an alarm. It is also possible to add people to the schedule who should receive notifications for information on all activating alarms from the alarm groups linked to the schedule. A manager for example.

Scheduler benefits

Scheduler benefits

Efficiently create and manage schedules
This allows users to assign multiple sites, and add alarm groups to them.
Inform the right people
Notifications are sent and received, depending on user preferences and rules.
Navigate through different views
Increase viewing options with different granularity (day, month or year)
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