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De Krook Ghent Library sustainable climate control

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De Krook Ghent Library

The new municipal library in Ghent is not just any library. It is an inspiring place where knowledge, culture and innovation are key. The beautiful building will be a lively meeting place for around 3,000 visitors every day. De Krook wants to give everyone the opportunity to understand, experience and use the rapidly evolving information technology. This library of the future is unique in Belgium.

Energy efficient building management

The new building consists of seven floors ranging from offices to library departments. In the basement, there is a radio and recording studio. Vandewalle nv was responsible for the installation of the HVAC system and the Priva components. The building is heated and cooled using climate ceilings. Their low temperature regime makes them very energy efficient. TC Engineer, TC Manager and TC Operator visualise the use and facilitate the energy efficient management of the building.

Remote management

Users can adjust meeting rooms to their requirements by means of high-end operating units. Vacant rooms are not heated or cooled. TC Manager management software gives the building manager an overview and enables him to make adjustments accordingly. The outside lighting is regulated to switch on and off at certain times and can be adjusted from the building management system.

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker