Priva Blue ID S-line: Building automation controllers

Robust and reliable building automation controllers

Priva Blue ID S-line controllers guarantee a comfortable climate and are distinguished by their robustness and high-quality materials.

Robust and reliable building automation controllers

Trust is our keyword. For a comfortable climate you have to trust your building management system. The Priva Blue ID S-Line stands out for its robustness, quality materials and great attention for detail. That way, maximum reliability and continuity is guaranteed.


Understand how you will benefit

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Maximum reliability

All business-critical components in separate modules

No disruptions

No domino-effect occurs in the system

Independent of field equipment

Existing field equipment and cabling can be reused

Secure data storage

Desired information always available

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Facts and Figures

saving in gas consumption

"In the 12 months since Priva Blue ID was installed, St Mary’s Health Centre has enjoyed a 22% saving in gas consumption in comparison with the previous system. Reliability of the BMS has improved immeasurably."

Engineering Manager at Rydon John Allen

Maximum operational reliability

In environments with critical processes, such as hospitals or a clean room, it is vital that you can rely on your building management system. The cabling of the Priva Blue ID S-line takes place at the base, all business-critical components can be found in the modules. A fault in a module is limited to that specific part of the system. This gives you the guarantee that no domino-effect occurs in the system and ensures maximum operational reliability.

What do you save?

Priva’s 2-wire makes it possible to make almost any twisted-pair cable suitable for IP-communication. You can achieve great savings on renovation, because existing two-wire cabling can be utilized.

Freedom of choice

Because the project software is your property, you are totally independent when it comes to your choice of a Priva Partner for service and maintenance of your installation.


Priva Blue ID is independent of field equipment. This allows the right field equipment to be applied for each project. This also means that existing field equipment and cabling can be reused, which makes it also the perfect system for renovations.

Internet of things

Because message traffic is based on IP-technology, it is always possible to access Priva Blue ID locally and via the internet. This can be done in combination with cloud technology or via a secured connection such as VPN.

Customer Stories

Buildings with Priva Blue ID S-line

Find out how others have been able to optimize their buildings with some of our solutions.

Heritage Buildings Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey: Optimal temperature in historic building
  • Westminster Abbey
  • 2021
The Rotterdam 1
De Rotterdam: incredible integrated building automation
  • The Rotterdam
  • 2022
Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Atrium
Hilton Hotels: always a comfortable temperature in your room
  • Hilton Schiphol
  • 2022
St Mary's Health Centre
St Mary's Health Centre saves 22% on gas bills
  • St Mary's Health Centre
  • 2021
National Military Museum Outside
National Military Museum: A real tour de force!
  • National Military Museum
  • 2021
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