Priva Energy Insight by ErbisOne: An energy management tool

Increased energy savings and comfort & wellbeing

The way we use and store energy has shifted. As populations increase and natural resources become rarer and more precious, we have to rethink our relationship with carbon. At Priva we have embraced the smart energy revolution and have developed new ways to accelerate your journey to Net Zero emissions.

The best of both worlds

Priva Energy Insight by ErbisOne is a total energy monitoring and management solution. Designed to suit the needs of building, energy and facilities managers, this smart technology brings together the best of both worlds - the ease of Priva with the energy expertise of ErbisOne developed by our sister company Energy Consultancy Agency Vanbeek. The result is a perfectly optimized energy management solution.


Understand how you will benefit

Discover what the benefits are for you and your building

Full insight into your energy consumption

Minimal upfront investment required

Easy to install & use

Little effort for maximum result


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Accelerating your Net Zero journey

Faced with an ever-growing world population and increasingly scarce resources, we need to completely re-think the way we generate, purchase, store and distribute energy in our buildings.

Using smart technology like Priva Energy Insight by ErbisOne we’re enabling our customers to make the transition to a more sustainable use of energy – reducing consumption, improving efficiency and maximizing the use of renewable sources.

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Why use Priva Energy Insight by ErbisOne?

  • For energy monitoring
  • For energy saving
  • For comfort & well-being

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Customer Stories

Buildings with Priva Energy Insight

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Business Development Manager

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