Priva ECO: Energy Cost Optimizer

Substantial savings on greenhouse energy costs

The new Priva ECO (Energy Cost Optimizer) offers groundbreaking technology to further optimize energy costs using Digital Twin and Machine Learning. Priva ECO ensures the most cost-efficient use of energy resources throughout the day, resulting in savings from day one.

Energy represents one of the most significant costs in greenhouse operations. Price fluctuations and unpredictable weather conditions are a continuous challenge for growers. Combined with increasingly stringent regulations and consumer demand for sustainability, growers are constantly looking for new ways to optimize energy usage and costs.



Discover the benefits of Priva ECO

Realized savings of more than 25% in practice
Priva ECO predicts and selects the optimal scenario to produce the thermal energy needed to heat a greenhouse for the next 24 hours. It automatically purchases from the grid the energy needed when the prices are low, storing in a buffer the heat generated for later use, resulting in significant energy cost savings. Savings of over 25% have been realized in practice. Results may vary based on installation setup, available external energy sources and prices of gas and electricity.
Collect data for increasing optimization
While operating, Priva ECO gathers knowledge, data and forecasts, which is then processed and communicated to the Priva Connext climate and process management system. Connext executes the chosen optimal ECO scenario so that energy performance is optimized, while the desired greenhouse climate conditions are maintained.
Save time and effort
Priva ECO operates autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any human intervention, outperforming traditional energy management strategies and realizing significant energy cost savings from the start.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann