Priva Comforte line: a comfortable climate in every room

Integrate all your building's climate systems into one system.

Create personalised climate control and save money.

Your colleague likes it hot, but you want to cool off? A variety of users means various climate wishes. So, in a modern building, you want flexibility when it comes to climate control. The Priva Comforte-line can give you that. The units let you regulate an individually comfortable climate in every space.

Answer to individual needs

If you want to integrate your climate, lighting, and sun blinds into one control, the Priva Comforte-Line is answer you are looking for. Now you’re able to sync individual needs with each other and profit from a better individual comfort. And because only workstations that are in use will be climate-controlled to the desired extent, you will see the difference on your energy bill.

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Modular design

All Comforte models have a modular design, consisting of a base module, a power module, and various output modules. You can freely choose from a variety of HVAC options and add-on modules. A range of controls is available for the perfect management of induction systems, VAV systems, fan coil units, underfloor heating, and climate ceilings for heating and cooling.


Understand how you will benefit

Discover what the benefits are for you and your building

A complete solution

Integration of HVAC, lighting and sun blinds

Maximum flexibility

Individual climate settings for each room

Save energy

Lower energy consumption

Investment friendly

Lower costs due to the simple installation

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Fast and easy

To make it all even easier, we developed Priva Roombus: a way to configure technical installations faster and more easily. It’s a plug-and-play concept for integrating smart Roombus technology into your Priva building management system. Its fixed configurations and smart network topology make the Priva Roombus fast and easy to install.

Floor-by-floor basis

Regulating the climate on every floor quickly and easily? With Priva Top Control, you can! You can cluster separate controllers in your various software units. This way, you can adjust them without needing to set up a completely new infrastructure when the use of your building changes, saving you costly changes to your installation.

Comfort and design

Advanced room control asks for an elegant control panel. Comfort, design, and ease of use come together in the Priva Touchpoint One, a sleek control panel developed especially for offices, hotels, schools or any other buildings. This control solution lets users switch on their own heating or cooling, control sun blinds, and fine-tune lighting intensity through a user-friendly interface.

Customer Stories

Buildings with Priva Comforte-Line

Find out how others have been able to optimize their buildings with some of our solutions.

University Tilburg
BREEAM Excellent for sustainability at Tilburg University
  • Tilburg University
  • 2021
Moba 2
How MOBA is future-ready with a new climate control system
  • MOBA
  • 2021

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