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How MOBA is future-ready with a new climate control system

The new head office in Barneveld shows that innovation is in the company’s DNA.
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MOBA is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the egg industry. The new head office in Barneveld shows that innovation is in the company’s DNA. User experience, comfort and energy efficiency are central to the design and the building management system. TH Klimaatbeheersing provided the complete climate system for the new office area with company restaurant and the existing production areas.

MOBA was founded in 1947 as a manufacturer of egg-sorting machines. It is now an international technology company that develops high-quality integrated systems for sorting, packing and processing eggs. “The old factory building has been constantly renovated over the years,” says Robert Bosman, Managing Director of TH Klimaatbeheersing. “The system and the Priva control equipment were part of that. What started out as a small-scale HX control unit for the heating in the factory is now a complete cloud-based climate system.”

Energy-efficient system

“Huge steps have been taken, especially during the last renovation,” continues Robert. “The new office area is very well insulated. Only a small amount of energy is required for heating or cooling. The climate control system makes it even more energy-efficient. We’ve gone quite far in that respect. The heat pump system can be set in each individual room with Priva terminal unit systems. Via a weather station, the system adapts optimally to the outside climate and the roof vents are also opened and closed automatically.”

What started out as a small-scale HX control unit for the heating in the factory is now a complete cloud-based climate system.

Managing Director of TH Klimaatbeheersing

Robert Bosman

Optimum comfort

Although the new climate control system goes beyond the current sustainability regulations, saving energy is not the primary objective. It is mainly about the comfort of the employees. “Naturally, they can operate the system themselves. And the indoor climate is continuously monitored. In each room, for example, the Priva Comforte CX2 also measures the CO2 level in the air using the Touchpoint One. The system automatically adapts to this and the users can adjust the indoor climate as desired.”

Energy-efficient cooling

The factory area is the only place where the climate is controlled centrally. Robert: “A project with automatic cooling was recently initiated, to improve the indoor climate for the production staff even further. This involves a trial with a relatively new technology: evaporative cooling. Water evaporates when air is blown along a surface. Heat is required for evaporation, as a result of which the ventilation air cools down. This cooling technology using water as a coolant is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.”

In the cloud

TH Klimaatbeheersing is still involved – not just with this pilot, but with the building management system as a whole. “We are continuously monitoring and optimising the system and the indoor climate. Since this renovation, MOBA has been using Priva cloud services. Now all the technical services staff can view and manage the system remotely, even with their smartphones. And the Priva Cloud Services are updated automatically, so they’re always using the latest version.”

“For the future, MOBA is thinking about switching over the systems that don’t run on Priva,” concludes Robert. “If you manage the system centrally, you have a complete picture of the whole factory in one place. That enables you to coordinate everything better, for an even more energy-efficient and future-proof climate system.”

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Bill Whittaker