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Infinite Acres: Dutch technology for indoor growing

Indoor Farming
26 January 2022

Together with 80 Acres Farms and the English listed online retail giant Ocado Group, Priva has set up a joint venture for indoor farms; Infinite Acres.

Especially for the ever-growing metropolises, it is a great benefit that food can be produced close to where people live, as the lack of suitable and affordable space is a growing problem. In addition, indoor farming reduces a number of major environmental problems, as minimal water is needed, and most of the water can be reused. Unnecessary transport and food waste are a thing of the past.

Infinite Acres

In recent years, we have invested heavily in innovations in the field of climate, water and energy for indoor farming. This was done in close cooperation with 80 Acres Farms in Cincinnati, a leading American producer of fresh produce in this innovative indoor farming sector. This successful cooperation led to the plan to set up an independent company for the turnkey supply of indoor farms.

Now we can announce that, together with 80 Acres Farms and the English listed online retail giant Ocado Group (LSE: OCDO), we have set up a joint venture for indoor farms; Infinite Acres. It is the first company to provide indoor farming facilities on a large scale and worldwide and it can even take complete care of the operation of these facilities. Maximum yield and quality, directly from 'the land' and into the supermarket in no time. Infinite Acres has attracted the attention of various investors and horticultural entrepreneurs, who foresee profits in indoor farming and have plans to set up companies worldwide to grow crops such as lettuce, herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers.

As of today, Priva has transferred all activities in the development and production of turnkey solutions for indoor farms to Infinite Acres and will remain associated with the new company as a primary supplier of technology and services for the process automation of the indoor farms.

Growing Lettuce Inside Container

"We are proud that this important development is based on Dutch knowledge of both horticulture and building automation. Once again, it appears that Dutch technology is a global leader," says Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva. "But Infinite Acres can't do it alone. In the industry of international horticulture, we are already used to working together and that is reflected in the way this new company will work. Not only with the founding companies, but with anyone who has ability and motivation to add something. By bringing companies and technologies together, we can make a difference in a world that demands integrated solutions to the challenges caused by urbanization."

Meiny Prins

Collaboration with leading players

We believe that cooperation between leading (technology) players in this new market is important for creating scalability and proportion. This is necessary to be able to meet the demand of this gigantic growth market. Prior to this formal establishment, Priva had already gained experience in a number of global projects with various cooperation partners, including Signify and Logiqs.

Infinite Acres officially introduces itself at GreenTech 2019, 11-13 June, RAI Amsterdam.

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Miriam ter Braak

Corporate Communications

Miriam ter Braak