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Priva Connected is a service package that gives you access to Priva Operator, Priva Notification Center, and Access Control. These essential services enable you to operate your growing facility remotely. All you need to get your greenhouse connected to the Priva platform is the Priva Gateway. Once connected, you can also add new and additional services such as API Services and Plantonomy, our technology for autonomous growing.

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Operate your growing facility remotely

Manage and monitor your climate, water, lighting and energy. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Access to new online services

Be the first to use newly developed online applications and services and take your business to the next level.

Ensure business continuity

Always have the most up-to-date versions of Priva software installed to ensure the performance and security of your systems.

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What is included?

With Priva Connected, you can easily connect your site to the Priva cloud. From this secure cloud environment based on Microsoft Azure, you can use various applications. The package includes three applications: Operator, Notification Center, Access Control. These applications allow you to manage your crop anytime, anywhere. You can also extend your package with API services.

Priva Operator

Manage your climate and operate your site remotely

With Priva Operator, you can monitor and manage your crop remotely. The online application makes operating your Priva process computer easy and convenient. You can manage your climate, water and energy, by simply using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. View the settings and measurements for your growing facility in real time and adjust your strategy and settings as you please. Read more about Operator

Priva Notification Center

Stay informed of all your active and historical alarms in your Priva Control Systems

Priva Notification Center provides you with an overview of all alarms linked to the Priva systems at your horticultural business. It alerts you when an alarm is activated and gives you detailed information while you are on the go. Check out Priva Notification Center

Access Control

Manage users and access to Priva products and services for your organization

Access Control allows you to manage the users in your cloud environment. You can give access and manage the user rights for your co-workers, partners or consultants directly within the app, for easy optimization of your workflow.

Software updates

Maintain your competitive advantage by always having the latest software available to your business!

API Services

Priva API Services enables you to use your greenhouse data in your own analyses and dashboards. Furthermore, API Services allows you to share your data with other service providers (Priva Integration Partners) so that you can use your greenhouse data in their services. This provides you with valuable insights for optimizing your business and growing operations. Read more about API Services.

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Consultancy & support

When you start using Priva Connected, in addition to the online applications, you will also receive free online support via the Priva Help Center and support from our help desk specialists. The package also includes 2 hours of personalized advice from our Priva consultants annually.

You will also receive free access to online training courses through our Priva Academy. This online platform gives growers access to courses on various topics that they deal with on a daily basis. Would you like to know more about Priva Academy? Read more here.

Open platform

Our platform seamlessly connects all aspects of the growing process, enabling you to manage your crop in the most efficient and reliable way possible. Once you're connected to the Priva Open Platform you can further optimize the growing process and your business strategy with additional services. For example, with our autonomous growing technology, Plantonomy. You will be the first to try out new products and services by connecting to the Priva cloud.

More about our open platform

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