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7 reasons to connect your greenhouse to the cloud

Connecting your greenhouse to the cloud comes with several benefits to make your horticultural business even more successful.
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05 April 2022

Connecting your greenhouse to the cloud comes with several benefits to make your horticultural business even more successful. Read on to discover the benefits.

1. Work anywhere

These days you don’t need to be sitting at your desk to make a phone call. And it’s no different for managing your growing processes. Give yourself the freedom to work where it matters most: in the greenhouse, surrounded by your crop. Going for a cloud-connected greenhouse means being able to respond directly to the needs of your crop. Monitor your measurements and change settings as you walk through the greenhouse aisles. And all from your phone.

2. Work anytime

Remember having to pop back to the office to finish that important e-mail that slipped your mind? It’s almost impossible to imagine these days. Being able to manage your business wherever and whenever you want has become the norm. And you’ll want the same for your greenhouse. No need to keep going back to site if something changes suddenly or if you get an alert from your system. Always have your business within arm’s reach. Just like your phone is.

3. Connect the dots

Think of the power that’s there in the palm of your hand when you’re holding your smartphone. Not because it knows everything, but because it knows how to find local data and data from the cloud and combine it in smart applications. Knowledge is power. So turn those piles of data into knowledge. For example, benefit from easy-to-read dashboards with real-time data that instantly show you what needs your attention. Or set alarms for changes in circumstances that matter most to you.

Worker in greenhouse with cucumbers

4. Control and share access

Just as your text messages are for your eyes only, so is your valuable greenhouse data. You don’t want to leave it lying around for everyone to see. You decide which of your co-workers or consultants can access your controls without using third-party tools that pose a potential threat to your system’s security. More importantly, you get to decide whether they can edit settings or have read-only rights. After all, you don’t want just anyone pressing all the buttons…

5. Safe back-up

Your phone might be finished when you drop it in the water, but your settings, photos and contacts in the cloud are always safely stored. A cloud connection means you’ll have all your information back in no time if something happens on site. That way, you’ll be back up and running in no time.

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6. More value with every update

Get new features, boost performance and beat vulnerabilities without having to invest in new hardware or firmware. With a cloud-connected smart greenhouse, software is constantly updated, making digital tools more valuable with additional functionalities, better performance and improved safety features every day. Just as your smartphone’s new software extends its battery life or supports those new apps you’re dying to use.

7. Future ready

People may have loved their trusty Nokia phones – in fact, many still do. But try opening your favorite messenger app, weather app or music playlist on one. They won’t work, of course. All these technologies you didn’t think you would ever need back then have now become indispensable. Make sure you don’t miss out on new technologies that are on the horizon, such as smart dashboards or even autonomous growing.

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