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Priva Geschiedenis


Priva was founded in 1959 by Jan Prins and his uncle Cor Valk as Valk en Prins to import heaters for greenhouses. The Priva heaters were much safer and cleaner to use than existing solutions.
In 1965 the company name was changed to Priva, using the first part of the founders’ names.

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1977 saw the introduction of Priva’s first climate or process computer for horticulture. 

Building automation was added to the portfolio in 1983 by providing a climate control system for RAI - the biggest exhibition hall in The Netherlands. 

Priva Campus


In 2007, all activities were joined together in the revolutionary Priva Campus building in De Lier. It is our home, but also represents us as a company. 

Meiny Prins


After joining Priva in 2002, Meiny Prins was elected Business Woman of the Year in 2009. The same year we received the honour of the WWF CleanTech Star for companies that promote clean energy and technology.

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Priva has offices in over 15 countries. 2015 saw the official opening of our California office, growing our international family even further.



In 2021, we entered into a strategic family partnership with Viessmann. In addition to our similar family business culture, Viessmann and Priva share a vision of how solutions can have a profound and pragmatic impact on the current climate crisis and change the world for the better.

Meiny Prins

Meiny Prins

Now Meiny Prins is the CEO of Priva. Meiny devotes herself to promoting business sustainability and the international development of sustainable solutions in the horticultural business and the built environment. She is a much sought-after authority in this field. With her clear, inspirational message on sustainability, she bridges the gap between companies, governments and sectors.

Discover more at sustainableurbandelta.com

As megacities arise, we are in urgent need of sustainable solutions. Living ideas and great solutions, developed by the citizens themselves, are at hand. I want to inspire citizens, governments and companies to connect, share, and develop ideas within metropolitan areas, stimulating the creation of Sustainable Urban Deltas.
Meiny Prins

CEO Priva

Meiny Prins

School in Haïti

Jarikin foundation

Stichting Jarikin is the family foundation of Priva founder Jan Prins. It has been active for over 25 years in Haiti with a vision to uplift the people of Haiti through educating their children. If you want to know more or want to support Stichting Jarikin, continue reading here (Dutch).

Being a family business makes us special…

Maybe even a bit more human. This is enclosed in our values.

Our values

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