Our values

Our values as an innovative purpose-driven company

Innovation, sustainability, make it happen and human.

Our values

Our values

We are a purpose-driven company. We are proud to offer innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit our customers and society. This is reflected in our values:


In merely half a century, we have grown from being a local greenhouse heating company into a leading-edge global player in climate control and process automation solutions. Innovating is in our DNA. Look at our suite of cloud-based solutions - these represent real-world solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.


We look beyond growth and profitability; we seriously want to contribute to a sustainable world where a growing global population can live healthily and comfortably.

Make it happen

We create solutions that add value, are very service-oriented, and make sure that our promise to our stakeholders and visions for the future actually become realities. We join forces with partners and cross-departmental teams to get things done quickly.


Regardless of our innovative technologies and ambitions as a global player, we will always keep the human factor in mind. Our business relations are transparent, honest, and aimed at the long term. As colleagues and business partners alike, we give and value feedback.

Make It Happen
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We actively develop our solutions and way of working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as set by the UN, for example:

  • Priva Connext and Compass computers allow growers to grow their crops more efficiently, using less natural resources (SDG2, SDG6, SDG12)
  • Our head office building was one of the first carbon-neutral offices in The Netherlands (SDG7, SDG 11 and SDG 12)
  • Our Priva Academy supports learning of our customer’s staff, as well as Priva employees (SDG4)
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By nature, we are open to people and companies that share our values. Working at or with Priva means sharing ambitious goals while keeping the human factor in mind. Do you want to grow with us as a colleague or partner?

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