Priva Academy: Online horticultural training and courses

Free access to Priva product trainings, including domain knowledge, for growers, employees, crop consultants and horticulture teachers.

Priva Academy offers growers, their employees, crop consultants and teachers from horticulture vocational schools free access to training on Priva products, including domain knowledge.

Users can attend training courses on climate, water, energy, labor and cultivation, among other topics. The complete training overview can be found in Priva Academy.

In addition to teachers, it is also possible to make customized arrangements for students to use Priva Academy. If you would like further information on this, please e-mail academy@priva.com

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Cooperation with knowledge partners

With Priva Academy, courses on a wide range of topics are available. To make our offer even more attractive, we collaborate with knowledge partners. These are leading international partners who provide knowledge, products or services in domains that Priva are not experts in but are just as important to you. By offering training courses from these partners, you can become acquainted with the offerings of other suppliers in the sector. Some training courses are free of charge and others can be added to your catalog for a small fee through the Priva Academy store.

Priva Academy knowledge partners:

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