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Different challenges ask for different solutions and products. In the overview on this page you see the product categories and their products for Horticulture. If you already know the product name, use the search box on this page.

Are you looking for more control of your greenhouse climate? Or a more efficient fertilizer system? Or more insights in workload, administration or other processes? All accessible from your couch, the office or even on holiday?

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Products & Solutions

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Priva Neutralizer
Ensure a stable pH level for your irrigation water
Priva Notification Center
Priva Notification Center
Stay connected to your plants and equipment and respond to incidents – fast.
Cucumber Greenhouse
Priva Nutri-Line
Precise fertilizer dosing systems for a healthy crop
Nutronic Small
Priva Nutronic
An accurate fertilizer injection unit for precise dosing of liquid fertilizers
Van Egmond
Priva Operator
Manage your climate and operate your site remotely
Cucumber in Greenhouse
Crop Cycle Manager
Automate your recipe for growing
Isa 6340 Small Header Website Small
Priva Process Control
Control your horticulture processes the way you want
Waterruimte Ter Laak (1) LR
Priva Vialux-Line
Efficient water disinfection for safe (re)use of water
Mast2 Bewerkt Pvr
Priva Weather Station
Improved accuracy and reliability
Sky Photo Greenhouses
Priva BioLogics for plant growth
Cultivation goals within reach by controlling the plant's water balance
Cucumber Greenhouse Reijm & Zn. (3) HR
Water sensors
Precise and reliable measurements for perfect growing conditions
Tomato Greenhouse Royal Pride
Weather sensors
Precise and reliable measurements for perfect growing conditions