Priva NutriJet

Efficient dosing via direct injection of fertilizer.

The Priva NutriJet is an attractive alternative to a mixing tank system.

The NutriJet injects the fertilizer solution directly in the irrigation mainline. This process is reflected in the crop quality and production yield. A major advantage is that an extra fresh water pump is not necessary. The Priva NutriJet allows injecting up to ten fertilizer solutions simultaneously.

Product details

Key features

Efficient direct fertilizer dosing for all types of crops
Flexible choice in pump and number of fertilizers
Accurate and reliable

Other advantages

  • Long shelf life
  • Compact system
  • Constructed from durable materials
  • Fault tolerance
  • Various expansion options
  • Lowest cost per m3

Why use Priva NutrJet?

Safe and reliable 

Dissolved fertilizers are injected from the fertilizer tanks and mixed in mixing chambers with irrigation water. The result is a highly concentrated solution, injected into the irrigation line where it is diluted with the irrigation mainline to the desired concentration. The dual EC and pH measurements provide maximum reliability. The entire process can be controlled by a 

Priva process computer and possibly by other process controllers. The operating system for the NutriJet is available in a variety of languages

Flexible and efficient 

The NutriJet can be used with overhead or drip irrigation and ebb and flood systems, for indoor or outdoor equally as well. The system design allows either in-line or by-pass configurations. The NutriJet is available in several sizes and capacities from approximately 5 m3/hour (22 gpm) to over 80 m3/hour (352 gpm) – with higher flow rates available to order. The fertilizer injectors are adapted to the desired capacity. Because the NutriJet uses only 

one pump, the system is more energy efficient. The Priva NutriJet is easy to integrate into existing configurations and has a very attractive price per performance ratio, which is even more attractive when it is applied in a by-pass configuration.

Durable and low maintenance

NutriJet systems are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. The system is made of stainless steel and sustainable plastics, with minimal moving parts as a result of using venturi dosing.

Main functions

Irrigation functions from the Priva process computer operating program library, such as:


  • Total water consumption, EC and pH logging per valve 
  • Drain quantity and logging 
  • Volume measurement
  • Light or radiation measurement

Irrigation control

  • Fertilizer recipes
  • EC pre-control option
  • Large number of starting conditions
  • Water and fertilizer stock control 
  • Rinse valves
  • Rotation of valves


  • Extensive insight into all measurements, control functions and alarm situations
  • PC connection to Priva Office Direct for registration and operation

General specifications

  • Dosing in a mixing chamber
  • One or two mixing chambers with up to 5 dosing channels each
  • Capacity 5-80 m3/hour (22-352 gpm) with in-line layout
  • Capacity above 100 m3/hour (440 gpm) with by-pass layout
  • Efficient change of recipes due to a small volume in mixing chamber
  • Dual EC and pH measurements for maximum reliability
  • 1-10 dosing channels; 300 or 600 litres/hour (1.32 or 2.64 gpm)

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann