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10 January 2022

Whether you are looking for a climate solution for an office building, a school, a hospital or a museum, the goal remains the same: you want to create the ideal climate to ensure that the users of your building are comfortable. Simultaneously, you want to benefit from a building management system that performs as efficiently as possible without any unnecessary waste of energy or money. Let us be frank... Keeping costs under control is an important part of efficient building management. We have taken this into consideration. We understand that, as a building manager, you are looking for a complete building management solution. Priva’s digital building management services and products allow you to achieve all of this and more.

The benefits of good building management

The benefits of optimal building management can be summarized in three pillars. These pillars should ideally be present in every building. They are: information management, access management and climate management.

1. Clear insights and easy to find information

With good building information management, you can see all your data clearly and easily in a single digital environment. This gives you an insight into all the complex building information, from graphs to reports – and everything in between.

2. 24/7 access to building processes

With a graphic interface, you always have insight into the important processes in your building. You can use the building information management (BIM) interface for multiple purposes, for example, you can check the performance of your building anytime, anywhere, and set the desired climate in each individual room.

3. Optimal room and climate control

Create a healthy indoor climate in which temperature, humidity, ventilation and other parameters are optimally adjusted to each other – either automatically or by the user. This creates a perfect indoor climate in which people feel comfortable and perform optimally.

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Building management increases the value of a building

Good building management is, of course, not just important for building managers. Property owners benefit from it as well. For instance, a well-managed and documented building will produce a greater return when the building is sold. Easily accessible maintenance plans, graphs, floor plans and photos increase the value of your property.

Smart building management provides more insight

Tools such as Priva Building Operator make managing your building easier than ever. Our handy building management app lets you make important adjustments to your BMS (building management system) from any device – quickly, and easily. This means you can have insight into the operation of your system anytime, anywhere. In the event of important notifications, Building Operator automatically sends you push notifications or, if preferred, text messages.

Sustainable building management is the future

Building management systems ensure future-proof sustainable buildings. With efficient building energy management and sustainable building maintenance, you can reduce your building’s CO2 emissions and minimize its carbon footprint. Sustainable buildings are needed in order to comply with the aims of Dutch building management legislation and regulations, the Dutch Climate Act, and to achieve the more stringent European climate targets for 2030. With Priva’s building management solutions, you are investing in the world of tomorrow, today.

Sustainable building maintenance also means that your building management costs will be significantly lower over time. For instance, you will benefit from lower energy costs thanks to smart hardware and software that only control your systems when necessary or desired. These settings can be adjusted individually for each user or room, so that your system will never be running unnecessarily.

Checklist: 7 steps to save energy in your building

In our 7-step checklist, you will find seven ‘quick wins’ that you can implement immediately to start saving energy and decarbonizing your building.

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Building management services and products from Priva

Different buildings require different solutions. We as a proud building management company strive to provide you with the management solution you need. Below is an overview of the solutions we offer for the optimal management and maintenance of your buildings. Whether it’s a question of software or hardware, we have the solution. We do not follow short-term trends in building management... Our solutions are made for the long term.

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