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Office climate control: healthy workplaces and offices

Building Automation
10 January 2022

Do you have a pleasant climate at the office? By linking various building systems up to Priva, you can easily set the desired climate for every room yourself. We strive to help you create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate at the office through easy control features in your building management system (BMS). Controlling the office climate through setting the recommended office temperature and air humidity ensures a safe and healthy workplace.

The advantages of a good indoor climate at work

The key to increased productivity comes down to the environment in which people work. A healthy indoor climate at the office ensures that people feel energized and perform better. There are also other benefits to be gained from efficient use of climate control at the office.

1. Health

Clean air, sufficient air exchange, the right air humidity, and the ideal office temperature can prevent allergies and complaints relating to ‘sick building syndrome’. A pleasant indoor climate at the office ensures that people feel physically great.

2. Productivity

It has been scientifically proven that a healthy indoor climate at the office, thanks to zone control, is conducive to increased productivity. If someone feels comfortable in their work environment, they perform better.

3. Absence

Did you know that a healthy indoor climate at the office results in fewer illness related absences? If people work in a healthy workplace, they seldom fall ill.

4. Sustainability

Building automation is the first step to a sustainable building. It helps create a healthy and optimal indoor climate at the office while ensuring conservation of energy and improved energy performance.

5. Costs

A healthy indoor climate at the office does not only benefit the people, it also benefits your pocket by helping you to save on energy costs. Thanks to modern building management systems and climate control technology, healthy buildings save 30-40% on average on their energy consumption costs.

Checklist: 7 steps to save energy in your building

In our 7-step checklist, you will find seven ‘quick wins’ that you can implement immediately to start saving energy and decarbonizing your building.

Download checklist

Climate control at the office prevents complaints

Climate control at the office prevents users from complaining about allergic reactions to the skin and respiratory system as well as complaints relating to ‘sick building syndrome’. ‘Sick building syndrome’ occurs if the CO2 concentration in the building reaches levels that are too high. It can cause a congested or runny nose, dry and itchy skin, dry and painful eyes or throat, and fatigue or concentration problems. In a healthy building with office CO2 monitors, adequate ventilation, a comfortable office temperature, and correct air humidity, these complaints no longer occur. Research by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also shows that sick building syndrome can be caused by external factors, such as polluted air that blows into the building from outside. The first step to a healthy office is, therefore, adequate ventilation through climate control.

Regulating the indoor environment of the office building

People move around at different times and in different parts of your building. The system you use for climate control in the office determines where and when the optimal climatological conditions prevail. The ultimate goal is a healthy climate with a comfortable working environment temperature, however, controlling such a climate involves a continuous process of management, measurements and analysis.

By means of building automation, you can regulate the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sun protection in your building. This enables you to achieve a comfortable indoor climate, along with the ability to automatically manage, monitor and adjust the air humidity, air pressure and CO2 levels.


Workplace air monitoring: measuring and maintaining office air quality

It is important to measure the air quality at the office because, as indicated earlier, polluted air makes people ill. To measure air quality and other parameters, Priva offers many sensors that are essential for creating an optimal climate. With our sensors or digital twin, you can count on the fact that your systems are using the right data to regulate building comfort.

We offer sensors for measuring:

  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Relative humidity
  • Air quality
  • Light intensity
  • Occupancy
  • Condensation

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker