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Energy building performance and smart energy management

Building Automation
10 January 2022

Many climate installations experience multiple problems regarding comfort and often consume too much energy. Priva makes sure that your climate installations will always be performing optimally. With our online applications you can login anytime, anywhere, to view your installation performance.

Objectives for an optimal performing building

When realizing that over 75% of the building costs are in the operational phase, it is clear why building owners feel the need to get insight in their building’s performance. In the past, the focus mostly has been on cost saving in the development phase. However, the operational phase offers great opportunities for savings as well. Furthermore, everyone is becoming more aware that a comfortable indoor climate and pleasant working conditions contribute to a better labor productivity.

The goal is to establish a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, while reducing energy usage and environmental impact. Setting the objectives to reach this goal is the first step. Insight in your current performance is the next vital step. But how do you monitor your building performance to compare these to your objectives?

Our expert about building performance

Energy management is more topical than ever. Companies want to save on energy, and are obliged to by increasingly stricter legislation. We offer the first fully integrated system for building and energy management which visualizes all the energy flows within your building. In this way, you have an overview, at any time and place, of your energy consumption and can manage it as efficiently as possible. Now and in the future.

Leo Hitzert, product manager

Leo Hitzert

Reaching your goal

What you need, is clear information about your key performance indicators (KPIs). This enables you to measure the performance and adjust your installations where needed. The data, which is generated from the installations in the building, can be translated into clear reports. With these reports, you have a perfect overview of the functioning of your building, anytime and anywhere.

To help you reach your objectives, Priva offers the first fully integrated system for building and energy management. This system visualizes all the energy flows within your building. This enables you to intervene right away and will result in fewer comfort complaints and will save you substantial energy. Lastly, we make it easier for you with our special measurement tool to manage the discussion with you, as the building manager and your maintenance provider.

Checklist: 7 steps to save energy in your building

In our 7-step checklist, you will find seven ‘quick wins’ that you can implement immediately to start saving energy and decarbonizing your building.

Download checklist

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker