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How Van Egmond Matricaria benefits from Priva Operator

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The family business Van Egmond Matricaria is currently reaping the rewards of using Priva Operator for remote monitoring and management of crops. Job van Egmond, co-owner of the company, shares his experience with the online application.

Van Egmond Matricaria has been a Priva user since 1987. The family business works with Priva Connext for climate control. Since late 2020, they have also been using Priva Operator. Job van Egmond, co-owner of Van Egmond Matricaria: “We are a company that believes it’s important to keep up with the times, and Operator is part of that. It works well, and I am convinced we all have to go in this direction in horticulture.”

Accessible and easy to use

Priva Operator was developed to make operating the Priva computer easier and more efficient. Job van Egmond: “It makes it more user-friendly, and it’s also a lot more accessible. That means it’s easier to control the climate. For example, it’s really convenient to use when I’m walking in the greenhouse or in the water management room. If I get an alert, I immediately know what's going on.”

“I get an overall view of the situation in the greenhouse, without it taking up a lot of my time. I no longer have the inconvenience of logging in to my climate computer, as is the case with TeamViewer, for example. Now I can view alerts and make adjustments very quickly and easily,” Job van Egmond says. 

Discover all the benefits of Priva Operator.

It makes it more user-friendly, and it’s also a lot more accessible. That means it’s easier to control the climate.

Insight at a glance with customizable dashboards

With the fully customizable dashboards, you decide which information you want to see on the home screen of your dashboard. So, you can quickly navigate to desired measurements and strategies.

Van Egmond: “The dashboards are a real benefit. Now I can create my own screens, overviews and layouts easily. The home screen is now exactly the way I want it. I can see what’s most important at a glance.”

About Van Egmond Matricaria

In 35 years, the family business Van Egmond Matricaria has grown into one of the most important growers of the cut flower matricaria (also known as feverfew). This cut flower, with the scientific name Tanacetum parthenium, has a natural appearance. The herbal scent, the abundance of flower buds and the characteristic colors make the flower an important part of a modern bouquet. In the greenhouse, traditional skills are combined with modern technology.

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