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How Ortolanda continues to benefit from Priva Operator

Priva Connected
Ortolanda, Europe’s largest year-round radish producer, is currently reaping the benefits of using Priva Operator for remote management of its greenhouse processes. “It is user-friendly and clearly designed. It shows you your crop’s main processes at a glance.” Melchior Coolbergen, co-owner of the company, shares his experience with the online application, which is part of the Priva Connected subscription.

Always at your fingertips

The modern radish producer has been using a Priva process computer to automate climate and irrigation since 1990. Melchior Coolbergen decided to start using Priva Operator in early 2022. The main reason behind this decision was the fact that he needed to have constant access to the processes in the greenhouse. “Accessibility is extremely important for me. With Operator, I can keep an eye on what is happening in the greenhouse at all times, even when I’m somewhere else – at home, for example. But it is also very useful when I am in the greenhouse as it enables me to make any necessary adjustments quickly and easily.”

Focus on the key processes

He also rates the personalization options in the app very highly. Melchior: “Being able to create personal dashboards is really useful. You can set them up exactly how you want them and put focus on the key processes. Then you can see at a glance whether everything is running smoothly.”

Discover all the benefits of Priva Operator.

With Operator you are always in control of the processes in your greenhouse. You can take action at any time, whether you’re in the greenhouse or at home.

Data-rich charts

Operator allows you to select and combine different measurements into one chart – a handy way to gain new insights. Melchior: “I often use charts to view historic data. For example, I might look at a particular period in the past to check whether there were any specific changes in the temperature.”

Stay informed of all your active and historical alarms with Notification Center

Melchior also likes to use the Notification Center app, which is part of Priva Connected. “If there is a fault in a system, I immediately get a notification on my phone telling me about the fault. In the past, I would get a phone call and had to go and see what the problem was. It is much easier for me now and saves a lot of time.”

Priva Notification Center provides you with an overview of the alarms in all Priva systems at your horticultural business. Discover more.

About Ortolanda

With three modern nurseries in the Netherlands and Italy, consisting of a total of 400 hectares under its own management, Ortolanda is Europe’s largest radish producer. It can supply various types of bunched and loose radishes all year round, from wholesale to retail. Its 40 years of experience in growing radishes come from the Coolbergen and Cornelissen family nurseries. Today, new technologies form part of the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the radishes, but always with the focus on sustainability and quality.

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