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KP Holland: Reliable climate and water management system

Water Management
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KP Holland

Forward-looking family business KP Holland is active worldwide in the production and breeding of Kalanchoe, Spathiphyllum, Curcuma and a range of houseplants. Technical director Roy van der Knaap welcomed us in one of their high-tech greenhouses, where Priva controls the climate and the irrigation system.

Priva Connext is a reliable system that gives us the confidence to allow Priva to fully control the climate in our greenhouses. That gives us peace of mind.

Technical director KP Holland

Roy van der Knaap

KP Holland

Connecting with KP Holland

In our “Connecting with” series, Priva visits leading horticultural companies all over the world. We talk to them about the challenges they face and how Priva solutions help them to overcome them. The second video in this series is about KP Holland.

Reliable system

KP Holland has been collaborating with Priva ever since 1950, when the business was first established. It is now in the capable hands of the third generation of the Van der Knaap family. As a partner to the company, Priva provides control of their climate and water management systems via its Connext process computer. Priva partner Royal Brinkman installs and maintains the systems.

KP Holland

Disinfecting water for reuse

At KP Holland, the cultivation systems and technical installations such as climate control, screens and water management are controlled centrally by the Connext system. KP Holland uses the Priva Vialux line for disinfecting water with UV-C light. This destroys all the pathogens present, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses, and enables the irrigation water to be safely recirculated.

About KP Holland

KP Holland is a family business that has been producing Kalanchoe, Spathiphyllum, Curcuma and a range of houseplants since 1950. With five sites totaling 15.8 ha and a 150-strong workforce, it grows, propagates and breeds its own varieties. The company also has a cuttings operation in Uganda and trading partners and customers in America, Brazil and China.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann