Buildium Comfort Management: Facility management made easy

Buildium Comfort Management is a powerful, digital way of optimising the operation of facilities management functions in your buildings.

It’s a well-known fact that people feel better and perform better when they work in spaces where personal comfort is a priority. Buildium Comfort Management makes this possible.

Buildium Comfort Management is a smart cloud-based system designed to help Building and Facilities Managers provide better managed, healthier and comfortable workplace environments where people are able to grow, flourish and operate at their best.

The exciting thing is you can use Buildium Comfort Management to easily alter individual comfort settings without disturbing anyone.


Understand how you will benefit

Discover what the benefits are for you and your building

Healthy and happy employees

A smart workplace leads to healthier, more satisfied and productive employees; you’re creating optimal environments where people can develop their talent in the best possible conditions.

Personalized experience

Manage your ideal indoor climate. Adjust parameters such as temperature and ventilation to your requirements and optimise productivity, health and comfort.

Enhanced wellbeing and productivity

Optimizing the indoor climate in your building also means optimizing the wellbeing and productivity of its users.

Ready for the future

With Buildium Comfort Management, all you need is a smartphone. Even when technology changes, the application will keep running, – as it grows with the future.

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How does it work?

No software to install

Using Buildium Comfort Management, building occupants can scan a QR code with their mobile devices to easily control the climate in their room.

Buildium Comfort Management is accessible via the web. There’s no need for building users to install any third-party software or apps.

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Why use Buildium Comfort Management?

ONE solution
ONE user experience

For comfort & well-being
Buildium Comfort Management is part of our Priva Digital Services Suite.

Learn more about our full portfolio of digital services and our wide range of plans? Discover Priva Digital Services.

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Buildings with Buildium Comfort Management

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