• Manage your climate and operate your site remotely

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Priva Operator

Priva Operator is the online application that makes operating your Priva process computer easy and convenient. View settings and measurements of your crop production facility in real time and directly adjust strategies and settings as you please. Simply use your smartphone, tablet or laptop anytime, anywhere. You can also manage multiple sites from one place. Your work will become a lot easier!

Priva Operator dashboard mobile phone
  • User-friendly and customizable dashboard

    The fully customizable dashboard offers you a clear overview of your systems' real-time settings and measurements.

  • Data-rich charts

    Select and combine different measurements into one chart and gain new insights.

  • Quick and easy strategy adjustments

    The keyword navigation and dashboard enable you to quickly adjust your strategy and settings.

  • Designed for mobile devices

    The dashboard scales automatically to fit all types of mobile device, such as your smartphone or tablet.

Access to your systems, anytime and anywhere

With Priva Operator you manage and monitor your climate, water and energy remotely. Whether on site or at home, you can monitor your current measurements and quickly adjust strategies from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Anytime, anywhere.

Besides, Operator offers you an overview of all current and previous system alarms including detailed information about the nature of the problem, so you can decide exactly what needs your immediate attention.

Grower in the park using Priva Operator on mobile

User-friendly and customizable dashboard

The Operator dashboard offers you a clear overview of your systems’ real-time settings and measurements. Compare different compartments, check current measurements and adjust your strategy in a matter of clicks.

What’s more, with the fully customizable dashboard, you decide which information you want to see on the home screen of your dashboard, so you can quickly navigate to the measurements and strategies you are interested in.

Data-rich charts

Gain deeper insights into your growing operations by viewing real-time measurements and up to six weeks’ worth of historical trends. You can also select and combine different measurements into one chart, making it very easy to analyze.

Operator dashboard on different devices

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Priva Connected service package

Operator is available to all our customers and can be easily customized to meet your specific needs, whether you grow vegetables, fruits or ornamental crops. 

To use Operator, you will need Priva Connected, the service package that includes essential online services to operate your greenhouse remotely. This subscription also includes access to support, online training and automatic Priva software updates. 

  • Control your key processes via any mobile device

    Remote control

    Easily manage your key processes from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • Insight into system alarms

    Insight into system alarms

    Overview of all current and previous alarms with detailed information.

  • Quick and easy navigation

    Quick and easy navigation

    With the intuitive dashboard and handy shortcuts you will find what you need effortlessly.

  • Crop production facilities

    From open field to greenhouse crops, manage all your operations remotely.

Priva Operator